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  • Barre Basics Workout

    For those new to barre workouts, learn to safely strengthen your legs, core and upper body, while improving functional fitness by using traditional ballet exercises, yoga, and Pilates mat work. The major benefits of barre are improved posture, muscle strength and endurance, increased flexibility, and reduced stress. Please note: Have a mat and a chair on hand for class. Light weights (1-2 lbs) are recommended, but not essential. Please note: Dates for this class are different from the printed catalog. New dates are 10/12-12/7.
  • Bike Maintenance

    In just two hours, you can learn the essentials of bike repair and maintenance from the head mechanic at Arlington’s hometown bike shop. This hands-on class will teach you how to fix a flat, adjust gears and brakes, and other topics dictated by the interest of the group. Bring your bike to class.
  • BollyX Workout

    Be exposed to a new musical genre while you get an amazing cardio workout with this dynamic dance-fitness program that draws inspiration from the high-energy song and dance sequences of India’s Bollywood movies. Have lots of fun, unleash your inner swagger, and engage your entire body as you cycle between high and low levels of intensity choreographed to great tunes from around the world. Moves can be modified for any fitness level. No experience necessary.
  • Chair Yoga

    One great thing about yoga is that it can be adapted to suit anyone’s needs. Chair yoga is especially beneficial for beginners, senior citizens, people with injuries, or those looking to learn how to apply yoga techniques at the office. As we practice chair yoga, our bodies relax and our minds quiet. During our time together, we will increase our self-awareness and revitalize our lives. Yoga has been proven to improve strength and flexibility as well as reduce stress and manage pain. The chair yoga postures taught in this class can be integrated throughout the day. Please note: Have a comfortable moveable chair and a belt or strap on hand for class.
  • Country Western Line Dancing

    What’s more fun than country-western line dance? You don’t even need a partner. Young and old, men and women, athletes and couch potatoes—anyone can have a great time. Just bring your two left feet, because in line dancing there are no mistakes! Beginner If you’ve never line danced before or have only done a few classes, this is the place for you. We’ll start from the very beginning, with simple dances that teach you the basic building blocks of line dancing. Lots of practice, and we’ll teach each dance. You’ll get low-impact exercise as we dance to (mostly) country western music. Intermediate If you’ve been dancing for a while and are ready for a new challenge, this is the class for you. These dances are longer, faster, have more turns, or use challenging moves. Expect it to take more than one week to learn each dance, so we will learn fewer dances than the beginner class, but we’ll still have a great time. Remember, challenging your brain fends off dementia! Please note: These classes will be hybrid. Choose in-person or online when registering.
  • Essentrics

    Essentrics is a full-body workout that lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body through a dynamic combination of movements. This completely original workout draws on the flowing movements of tai chi and ballet to create a balanced, flexible, and pain-free body. Essentrics rebalances the body, prevents and treats injuries, unlocks tight joints, and develops lean, strong, and flexible muscles with immediate changes to your posture. Please note: Have a yoga mat, towel, and water on hand for each class. Gentle Stretching is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels who are looking for a gentle, slow-tempo class that will help produce greater joint mobility. 10 Fridays | Sept. 24–Dec. 3 | 11:30–12:30 pm | Calvary | $159 (Gates) Stretch & Tone moves at a moderate tempo. Cues will be given to help you adjust your workout to be more gentle or more challenging, depending on your personal fitness level and goals. 11 Wednesdays | Sept. 22–Dec. 8 | 10:00–11:00 am | Online | $165 (Najarian) Full-Body moves at a faster tempo and is ideal for physically active men and women. 10 Thursdays | Sept. 23–Dec. 9 | 7:15–8:15 pm | Gibbs | $149 (Lewis / Stevenson)
  • Fabulous Zumba

    Imagine burning up to 1,000 calories per hour as you shake, shimmy, slide, and sweat your way through great music that gets your heart pumping and your body moving. Join this energizing and calorie-burning workout session moving to salsa, merengue, swing, and more. You’ll get a total workout through cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, and flexibility and you won’t even realize what a great workout you’re getting because you’ll be having so much FUN! Dances are easy to learn, fun to follow, and gentle on your joints. Open to all fitness levels, no experience necessary.
  • Facial Yoga

    Pamper yourself with facial yoga. Learn how to use facial yoga poses to tighten and tone facial muscles, which helps to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin rejuvenated. You will also learn eye exercises to alleviate eye strain and a sequence of facial massage techniques to release sinus tension and congestion. All of these techniques can be learned either seated in a chair or lying down on a yoga mat. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This workshop has been expanded to two nights due to popular demand, so if you have taken it before, join us again for a more in-depth experience.
  • Fall Road Biking

    Ride local roads both east and west of Arlington as fall comes to New England. Our starting locations will vary and include Arlington, Bedford, Concord, and occasionally beyond. We will ride 20-25 miles, maintain an average pace of 12 mph and climb some hills—because New England is not flat! Please note: Riders must wear helmets and have recently tuned road or hybrid bikes with fully inflated tires. (Some of our past riders have used electric assist bikes.) Meeting location and safety guidelines will be emailed as part of the Registration Confirmation email. Weather cancellations will be made up as needed.
  • Flow Yoga

    Come release tensions from your day, stretch your body, and strengthen your core. You will be guided through a series of yoga poses, breathing practices, and soothing affirmations to relax the body, quiet the mind, and nurture your heart. This class is for people of all ages and yoga experience as the postures are taught in a way that accommodates each person’s individual needs. Please note: Have a yoga mat, block/pillow, and belt on hand for class.
  • Hatha Yoga

    Regular practice of hatha yoga brings calm, focus, increased flexibility, and strength to your life. This moderately-paced yoga class encourages students to move with meditative awareness and attention to alignment and breathing. Class may include active and physically challenging poses as well as more passive, longer holds. You are continually encouraged to explore your inner flow and turn within for guidance–on and off the mat. Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students. Please note: Have a yoga mat, a yoga strap or belt, and two blocks (if you have them) on hand for class.
  • Hula Hoop Fitness

    Many people feel nostalgia for hula hoops, reminding us of a childlike playfulness. In this class, you can return to that feeling you once had on the playground and get a workout at the same time. We will start with a foundation of hoop moves that focus on core muscles and also off-body hoop tricks that will improve balance and boost your cardio. Whether you are a complete newbie or an aspiring circus performer, you will find yourself at home inside your hoop. All you have to bring is your enthusiasm—we’ll provide hoops of varying sizes.
  • JOYful Biking

    Tired of the Minuteman Bikeway and looking for a change of cycling scenery? We’ll explore interesting and unique routes in communities surrounding Arlington. Riders should be able to maintain a 10-12 mph average pace and ride 15-18 miles. This is moderate, but not leisurely riding. Rides will be on roads, paved rail trails, and on packed trails through the woods. Please note: Riders must wear helmets and have recently tuned bikes with fully inflated tires. Bring water, a snack, a great attitude, and a spare inner tube (just in case). Meeting location and safety guidelines will be emailed as part of the Registration Confirmation email. Weather cancellations will be made up as needed.
  • Joyful Morning Yoga

    (This class has been switched to an online format.) Morning yoga classes ease you into your day with poses that connect the mind, body, and spirit. Particular attention is given to helping each student understand and work with their body to achieve proper alignment. Regular practice of yoga brings calm, focus, increased flexibility and strength to your life. Please note: Have a yoga mat, yoga blocks (if you have them), a yoga strap, and blanket and/or towel on hand for class.
  • Learn to Run

    There’s more to running than just “left, right, left, right, left, right.” Stretching, strengthening, and core control are all important parts of a healthy and balanced running regiment. But it really starts with your head. We’ll show you how easy and simple it is to establish a daily fitness routine. These classes stress proper running form, focusing on the lower back and core muscles. Learn how to track miles via the Strava running app, your Garmin, or your old fashioned notebook to achieve your fitness goals. Please note: These are outdoor only classes and meet rain or shine. Proper running footwear is required. Fit to 5K: Get strong and stay injury free in this slow-moving, safely-progressing, and endurance-building nine-week running program, which builds up to a 5K (3.1 miles), the BRR Turkey Trot on Saturday, November 20. Fit to 4K: Not ready to commit to a 5K? This five-week class focuses on overall fitness and concludes with a 4K (2.5 miles) run at Fresh Pond on the Saturday after the last class.
  • Parkour

    Turn any environment into a playground for movement and physical challenge. Ages 14 + (Cancelled): Learn the basic movements and techniques of parkour, as well as exercises designed to improve general fitness and ensure long-term practice. Classes will focus on exploring and moving within one’s environment and will include a number of games, exercises, and drills to improve balance, coordination, strength, spatial awareness and flexibility while having fun. For students of all ability and fitness levels, all classes are taught by ADAPT-certified coaches. Ages 50 +: The basic principles of parkour can be used to help active older adults become physically stronger and more mentally confident. In this transformative course, improve your balance and agility with low-impact moves under the guidance of trained and supportive coaches. Learn how to avoid falls, or how best to fall if it happens; how to turn obstacles into opportunities; and how to incorporate functional fitness into your everyday movements. Open to those of all abilities and fitness levels—from beginners just off the couch to seasoned athletes. Taught in a safe and positive environment, moves will be modified for all levels and abilities. Please note: This class is held entirely outdoors on the grounds of Ottoson Middle School; there is no access to the school building or restrooms. Notifications of weather cancellations will be emailed the evening before and made up at the end of term.
  • QiGong

    With roots in traditional Chinese medicine, qigong’s goal is to cultivate and balance our life energy, or “qi.” Qigong practice typically involves meditative, slow-flowing movement coordinated with deep rhythmic breathing to produce a calm state of mind. Part of traditional Chinese medicine, the practice is similar to tai chi, but simpler, and benefits can include improved immunity, better balance, and lower blood pressure. We will work with the Seven Precious Gestures and the Eight Brocades, as well as some basic walking and breathing practices. Flex and stretch gently and learn simple routines you can practice at home.
  • Restorative Yoga

    Release stress and loosen tense muscles with a deeply relaxing yoga session. Restorative yoga focuses on resting in supported poses that help us listen to the subtle cues from our bodies. There are many benefits to restorative yoga, including a decrease in stress hormones, a strengthened immune system, and improved quality of sleep. This practice will help unwind tension in your body so you can approach life's challenges from a place of clarity and calmness. All levels welcome. Please note: Have a yoga mat, belt, two blankets that can easily be folded, as well as a pillow and yoga blocks (if you have them) on hand for class. Please note: This class has switched its location from the Gibbs school to Online
  • Tai Chi: Meditation in Motion

    This Intermediate course is for those with experience with the Hwa Yu short form. The ultimate in no-impact aerobics, tai chi naturally relaxes the body, promoting calm and peace of mind while improving posture, balance, and flexibility. The practice increases blood flow throughout the entire body, keeps joints flexible, and restores elasticity to muscles. It is a form of exercise that actually becomes better for you as you age. Continue to improve your skills such as stance, step patterns, basic blocking, and whole-body movement.
  • Tai Chi: Yang Style

    Tai chi is both a cultural experience and an excellent way to exercise and improve balance and coordination. Classes are taught by a 6th-generation tai chi master and native of China. All classes will focus on accuracy, consistency, and fluency to further strengthen your body’s balance. Appropriate for all fitness levels. All Levels This introduction covers the first 16 postures of the 88 postures in the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form. Learn steps, hand movements, balance, and form. The instructor provides individual attention and a strong sense of the history and context in Chinese culture for these movements. (9:00–9:50 am) Level 2 For students who have experience with the first part of the Yang Style tai chi and who are ready to move on to postures 17 to 50. Level 3 We continue with postures 51 to 88 of Yang Style tai chi. (10:00–10:50 am) Level 3 We continue with postures 51 to 88 of Yang Style tai chi. (11:00–11:50 am)
  • Yoga for Every Body

    This course is perfect for those just beginning or coming back to yoga, but experienced yogis will also enjoy the attention given to proper alignment and will benefit from the poses. People of every age, fitness level, physical challenge, or shape will find their mind, body and spirit invigorated in this welcoming class. In addition to standing poses and mat exercises, each class includes modified yoga poses using a chair. The instructor individualizes postures to suit all students. Please note: Wear comfortable clothing, have a yoga mat, a strap or belt, and yoga blocks (if you have them) on hand for class. Please note: This class has switched its location from the Gibbs school to Online