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Classes are for students 18+ unless otherwise noted.

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  • Ukulele Orchestra for Continuing Players

    Ukulele players—from experienced beginners to advanced players—can enjoy making music together playing different parts on various sizes of ukes as a ukulele orchestra. We'll perform instrumentals and songs with vocals—from well-known tunes such as the theme from the Pink Panther to Beatles and 80s hits. Whether you enjoy strumming, plucking, soloing, singing, harmonizing or even U-bass, this class will provide fun challenges for continuing players at various levels of experience. Some prior experience strumming basic chords is required; tablature and/or note reading is helpful, but not required. We'll cover tablature, plucking, strumming, and reading charts and rhythms to play together as a group. We will perform for family and friends during the final class.
  • Discovering Your Voice

    Learn the basics of good singing technique in a relaxed group class setting. You'll learn breath control, resonance, range, tuning, and vocal endurance. We'll apply these techniques to some familiar songs and observe how they transform before us. All skill levels can gain something significant from this class.