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  • Clay Creations

    Experiment with clay to create a variety of imaginative and useful objects. We will discuss form and function and practice different hand-building techniques (pinching, coiling, and slab building) as well as surface decoration as we build sculptural, functional, and fantastical pieces of art.
  • Computer Art & Making Things

    Test your art-making talent as you learn to use detailed computer art programs. You’ll learn how to make awesome images, and then we’ll show you how to modify them so that they can be turned from 2D art into 3D sculptures. Using laser and vinyl cutters, you’ll make cool and useful objects to take home.
  • Digital Photography: Bold Portraits

    Explore your creative photography and self-expression talents with a longtime artist and high school teacher at Arlington High School’s brand-new professional media studio. Start by becoming acquainted with all of the options a camera has to offer and then explore cool photo manipulation applications in Adobe Creative Cloud. We’ll play with portraits that pop, make humorous selfies in PhotoBooth, and explore your cultural heritage in photomontages. Weekly assignments will provide you with several finished prints and a base knowledge of how to become a photographer with something to say. If we have time, we will also explore greenscreen and other editing applications.
  • Drawing Club

    Join us for a fun adventure along with other artists your age who share a love for drawing. Together, we will practice drawing your ideas, plus learn some new techniques to broaden your skills. Use art to express who you are. Draw, draw, draw to your heart’s content!
  • Drawing Dragons

    Are you a fan of mythological creatures, such as dragons, unicorns, and hippogriffs? These fantastical creatures have details and textures that can make them challenging for even the most experienced of illustrators. We’ll draw our own versions of these ancient and elusive creatures, learning more about their legends and fascinating histories while exploring techniques to make the illustration process easier.
  • Lost Wax Casting

    Investigate the fascinating process of casting detailed metal sculptures by using the lost wax method. You will sculpt a series of models out of a hard carving wax, a soft modeling wax, or another heat sensitive material. After encasing your model in plaster or silica, you’ll burn it away. By filling the resulting cavity with molten metal your original sculpture will have been duplicated into a finished metal work. We will also try other casting techniques including sand and plaster reliefs, as well as experiment with the tools, mediums, and sculpting techniques of master casting artists.
  • Valerio Cicolini (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Origami: Folding Fun

    The traditional Japanese art of turning a flat piece of paper into a complex 3D sculpture is not only satisfying but also a brain building activity. Sharpen your spatial thinking and engineering skills as you progress from simple mountain folds to more complicated tucks and squashes. In addition to learning how to make the famous origami cranes, you will also craft boats, animals, boxes, and more complex creations. All levels of paper-folding artists are welcome.
  • Stop Motion Films

    Write, storyboard, direct, and animate your own short animated film. Use Stop Motion Studio, a full featured movie editor, to learn skills in visual storytelling, plot a successful story, create likable characters, and learn the principles of animation. We will work with cut paper, clay, and found objects as we create mini movies that you can save and share.
  • The Art of Protest

    Use your art skills to make a difference. Learn how artists have raised awareness of injustice, united protest movements, and stood up to oppression. Try your hand at multiple forms of art, such as posters, political cartoons, and activism through crafts such as sewing, embroidery, or quilting. By the end of term, you will create and display your own powerful work of protest art about an issue that matters to you.
  • Way Cool Crafting

    Explore a seemingly endless supply of fun materials in this “craft-tacular” class. We'll use yarn, popsicle sticks, beads, and more to make a variety of projects including fluffy pompoms, puppets, and pillows. Expand your crafting skills, learn to sew, or improve your sewing skills as we experiment with different stitches. Crafting really is cool!