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  • Adventure to Storia

    Play the popular game, No Thank You Evil, in which you will work as a team to take an improvised adventure to a place called Storia. We’ll overcome obstacles, solve mysteries, and explore exotic territories. Led by your guide, you will create a character for yourself, discover your special skills, and problem solve with your friends in a world of creative make-believe. As we act out our story, the adventure will continue to build in detail and depth.
  • Chess Wizards

    Considered one of the greatest games ever invented, chess teaches many important life concepts such as how to win graciously, how to accept defeat with dignity, concentration, and sportsmanship. Learn chess rules, positional tactics, and basics to more advanced moves with the guidance of an experienced chess master. We will divide into groups according to experience and end the program with a mini chess tournament. All levels welcome.
  • Heroes Academy: An Introduction to LARP Games

    Our Live Action Role Play (LARP) games class is an introduction to LARPing and is perfect for beginners and casual players. Each week you will be led through tournaments and mock combat challenges using padded foam props. These games encourage critical thinking skills in addition to being a fun way to exercise. Prior experience is not required, nor are costumes or characters, so it’s easy to jump right in and give LARPing a try. For Eleyo : LARP Adventure Program’s Heroes Academy® is a combination of theater, martial arts, and costume/prop/stage design. We combine these arts with critical thinking, creative problem solving, and community leadership skills. For more information about our curriculum please visit our website:
  • Heroes Academy: Dungeons & Dragons

    Role playing games give players experience with a variety of skills including improvisation, critical thinking, math, and public speaking. We will use Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules to create characters and then test their might through an interactive story. Everyone will be taught—at a comfortable skill level—how to make characters and even run their own games as dungeon masters. Please note: We discourage students from creating characters before the first day of class. Instructors and students will collaborate to determine what kind of story they will create and in the past, students who arrived with a character in hand have been disappointed if their character doesn't fit the group decision.
  • Heroes Academy: LARP Discovery

    Live Action Role Play (LARP) allows you to participate in an interactive narrative, similar to the “choose your own adventure” books. In this class, which is more than just games, you will learn about each aspect of LARPing: game rules, mock combat techniques, and character development. As you gamefully combine theater, martial arts, and costume/prop/stage design, you will practice critical thinking, problem solving, and community leadership skills. For more information about LARP Adventure Program’s Heroes Academy® and our curriculum, please visit our website: Note for Ottoson students only: This class includes short games, but also complements the Heroes Academy: LARP Games class, so you may take both if you wish.