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  • Act Now

    Discover your hidden acting talent—or reawaken it—in a safe, fun, and creative way. Work with and learn from peers as we create believable, honest characters on stage. We will cover the basics of acting and theater. Practice improv and monologue work in addition to exploring the physical aspects of acting through exercises inspired by the renowned acting teacher and theorist Uta Hagen. All levels are welcome, especially beginners.
  • Banjo

    Learn to play the banjo in the old time clawhammer style. Beginning: This course is for beginners and those with a bit of experience. We’ll start with right hand technique and chords. The goal will be to learn a handful of melodies that people actually play in open G and, hopefully, in double C and G modal tuning. Learning by ear will be stressed but handouts of banjo tab will also be available. Continuing:For clawhammer banjo players who can already play at least a handful of tunes and who are looking to learn more in G, G modal, and in double C tuning. We will focus on the right hand technique as well so that you can get the best sound that you can. Take out your banjo and polish up your playing. Please note: Students must bring their own banjo.
  • Drumming: Beginner (Adults)

    Gain the foundational skills you need to play your favorite music on the drums. Using practice pads, cover all of the necessary skills to master this fun instrument. Start with stick control and learn how to properly grip and balance drumsticks using both hands. By the end of the session, you’ll be starting to add in and coordinate your feet. We will talk about rhythm and start learning how to sight read. Come learn how to play a great musical instrument and have fun doing it. Please note: Bring a drum practice pad and set of sticks to each class if you have them. These will be available to borrow for those who do not.
  • Everyone Can Sing

    Discover your singing voice in a fun group setting by learning the basics of healthy vocal technique. Get the tools you need to understand how your instrument works and how to use it properly. Learn how to warm up your voice, match pitch, use proper breath management, and maintain a consistent vocal tone. We’ll practice a variety of songs and styles and leave time for personal attention. No experience necessary. Our instructor believes that everyone can sing—even you!
  • Film Lovers Unite

    Come have fun with other movie fans as you explore different film genres: expressionism, film noir, western, and musical. Each week, watch the assigned film on your own (similar optional films will also be recommended) then talk about it with your classmates. Discussions will be centered around the film but also lead us into a deep dive of each genre, helping you better understand the unique qualities of each. Come with an open mind and a love of movies.
  • Guitar

    Learn the elements of guitar and the basics of music in a fun, supportive group environment with a talented and passionate instructor. Beginning: Acquire the tools you need to play songs with the group or to continue learning on your own. All you need is a guitar and one or two hours a week to practice. This class is for absolute beginners only. Advanced Beginning: For those who have had a few lessons and can play a handful of chords, but need help in switching faster. We will work up to playing in all of the keys usually played on guitar and will try to tackle the dreaded F chord. We’ll also work on playing together as a group. Continuing: For anyone who has been playing guitar for a while, continue learning and playing. We will focus on developing stronger musical skills through playing individually and with the group. Please note: Students must bring their own guitar.
  • Intro to Music Theory

    Reading music is a fundamental skill for any musician. Grow your confidence as a musician as you discover all aspects of music literacy from reading notes, rests, and beats to understanding scales and chords. Make more sense of music with the ability to finally understand why certain combinations of notes sound better than others. You will be able to more formally analyze work from some of your favorite artists and maybe even get your own creative juices flowing whether you compose, arrange, transpose, or transcribe music. Please note: This class is for absolute beginners.
  • Italian Opera Hits

    Whether you’re an opera aficionado or a wannabe prima donna, this class, led by a professional opera singer, is your gateway to the world of divas, drama, and dazzling musical theatrics. Each session focuses on a specific Italian opera that you will watch as “homework.” Classes will explore the famous arias and vocalists from each opera and highlight the musical idiosyncrasies that define the piece. Discussions about composers, plot points, characters, and themes will allow you to “take the stage,” and gain an understanding of what makes each opera a masterpiece. Hear tales from backstage and get a unique perspective into this fascinating world. Viva opera!
  • Piano: Beginners

    The piano is one of the easier instruments to learn how to play because of the one-to-one relationship of keys to notes and the intuitive layout of the music with bass and treble clefs corresponding to each hand. We’ll cover the basic scales with both hands, warm up with exercises to build speed and dexterity, and learn several simple songs. Please note: This class is for absolute beginners. Students must have a tuned piano* (acoustic, digital or electric) and a video camera (i.e. Zoom webcam) on the hands, fingers and the keyboard. * full size (88 keys) with weighted action preferable but not necessary. Instruction will be provided on the best setup on the first night of class.
  • Alex Wohlhueter (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Playwrights & Performers:Play It Write!

    Enjoy a creative environment unlike any other as we celebrate the collaborative spirit of the theater. Participate as a playwright or as an actor to explore these deeply entwined crafts. For four weeks each group will develop their material and skills separately, then come together for the final four weeks to bring the playwrights’ scenes to life. New writers, weathered wordsmiths, or curious theatergoers learn and practice the fun, dynamic, and accessible art of playwriting through in-class writing exercises, then experience the eye-opening thrill of watching live actors perform your work. Actors who have previously participated in at least one ACE acting class, build a new understanding of theater as you breathe life into original scenes, working directly with writers as their plays take shape.
  • Ukulele (Adults)

    Beginning: Starting with tuning and holding your ukulele, learn the basics quickly and start playing songs you love right away. Simple chords will have you sounding great after just one class. Soon you’ll have a repertoire of popular songs from many genres. Learn how to find ukulele chord charts, strum and sing at the same time, and strum rhythmically with confidence. Continuing: Elevate your skills to move to the next level. Learn how to play barre chords fluidly, strum interesting rhythms in a variety of genres, and enhance your strumming with cool percussive techniques. Learn to play and sing a wide variety of songs and know which strum patterns to use. We’ll explore fingerstyle uke with tablature for plucking cool rhythmic patterns and even some recognizable riffs and melodies. Please note: Bring your own uke. A clip-on tuner is recommended but not required.
  • West African Hand Drumming

    Explore djembe, a goblet-shaped drum played with bare hands, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Learn techniques to make basic drum sounds—bass, tone and slap—to create rhythms integral to West African culture. All levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary.