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  • Banjo

    Beginning: Learn to play the banjo in the old time clawhammer style with this course for beginners and those with some experience. We’ll start from the beginning with right hand technique and chords. The goal will be to learn a handful of melodies that people actually play in open G and, hopefully, in double C and G modal tuning. Learning by ear will be stressed but handouts of banjo tab will also be available. Please note: Students must have a banjo. Continuing: For clawhammer banjo players who can already play at least a handful of tunes and who are looking to learn more in G, G modal and in double C tuning. We will focus on the right hand technique as well so that you can get the best sound that you can. Take out your banjo and polish up your playing!
  • Beginning Ukulele

    Beginning Ukulele: Strum and Hum Learn to play the ukulele through chords and accompanying yourself singing or humming. Also known as strum or strumming, this is the harmonic approach to learning the instrument. No prerequisite other than a ukulele and a clip-on tuner. Beginning Ukulele: Pick and Pluck Learn to play the ukulele by reading notes and plucking individual strings. Also known as fingerstyle, fingerpicking, or plucking, this is the melodic approach to learning the instrument. No prerequisite other than a ukulele and a clip-on tuner.
  • Find Your Voice: Intro to Voice Overs

    Have you ever been told you have a great voice for radio, audio books, or cartoons? Are you finally ready to take the leap and find out just how cool the voice over world really is? At this fast-paced, interactive, and fun workshop, learn tips and techniques to begin your exploration of vocal and verbal delivery, breathing, and interpreting a script. Find out more about the craft as a hobby or career. There will be practice time, including instructor and peer feedback, as well as a Q&A. Work on a professional script in session and have a blast. If you have an external microphone feel free to try it out, but it is not a requirement for this class.
  • Guitar

    Guitar: Beginning Our talented and passionate instructor will help you learn the elements of guitar and the basics of music in a fun, group-oriented format. Acquire the tools you need to play songs with the group or to continue learning on your own. No experience required; all you need is a guitar and one or two hours a week to practice. Guitar: Continuing This course is perfect for anyone who has completed Introduction to Guitar or who has been playing guitar for a while. Come join us if you are looking for a fun and supportive environment to continue learning and playing. We will focus on developing stronger musical skills through playing individually and with the group.
  • West African Hand Drumming

    Explore djembe, a goblet-shaped drum played with bare hands, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Learn techniques to make basic drum sounds–bass, tone and slap–to create rhythms integral to West African culture. We will also learn about dunun drums, played with sticks, that work in tandem with the djembe. All levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary. Please note: Drums are available for rent. Supplies are limited. Please email the ACE office to reserve one. Details about safe pickup will be communicated once the class has met its minimum enrollment.