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  • A Taste of Renaissance Music

    Get an introduction to the fascinating world of glorious Renaissance music masterpieces. We will listen to gorgeous melodies, brilliant harmonies, delight in illuminated manuscripts, and consider works by composers like Thomas Tallis, Josquin des Prez, John Dowland, and Johannes Ockeghem.
  • A World of Teas

    Learn to brew a perfect cup of tea, while sampling at least eight distinctive varieties, from China, India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Japan, and other producers of fine teas. Partake of sweet and savory snacks and fresh-brewed teas, while discussing the history and influences of the world’s most-popular beverage. Indeed, tea has played a key role throughout history in artisanry, trade, technology, culture, and politics. Please note: Bring one or two of your favorite cups or mugs.
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    Nic McPhee (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Act Out

    Do you love acting or want to learn how? Join a fun-loving group of newcomers and returning actors. We’ll play around with acting exercises and perform short scenes for each other in a supportive and welcoming environment. Get to meet the local playwrights who wrote some of the scenes we’ll perform and help bring their vision to life.All new material each term.
  • Adult, Infant & Child CPR with AED

    This American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED course trains participants to provide first aid, CPR, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in a safe, timely, and effective manner. Expect to learn about adult and child CPR and AED use, infant CPR, first aid basics including choking, medical emergencies, injury emergencies, environmental emergencies, preventing illness and injury, and opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies. This intensive three-hour course is for anyone with little or no medical training. Participants will be emailed a course completion card, valid for two years. Educators and students can register at a reduced rate. Please register first and then email us within 24 hours and we will refund you for the amount.
  • Adventures in Whisk(e)y

    Please note: The Saturday 3/23 class has been changed to Thursday, 3/21. We are in a Golden Age of whisk(e)y. Distilleries around the globe are making better options and more varieties than ever before, mastering old-world techniques while innovating with new approaches. Join us for a fun, relaxing evening as we taste some of the most exciting whiskies available today and get to the bottom of whisky vs. whiskey. Together, we will sample an amazing range of bourbons, ryes, scotches, and more. Highlights include a coastal scotch that brings the freshness of the sea to the glass, a new bourbon that is taking the market by storm, and a blended scotch that rivals some of the best single malts you have tried. Come with an open mind and find a new favorite! Please note: Price was listed incorrectly in the print catalog.
  • African American Heritage Trail

    Boston pioneered the Abolitionist movement to destroy the institution of slavery in America. While often facing prejudice equal to any in the South, men and women of color in this city have long been at the forefront of the fight for equal rights. From Crispus Attucks to Frederick Douglass, black citizens of Boston have fought tooth and nail for freedom. From Phyllis Wheatley to slaves whose names are only now being rediscovered and recognized, the unsung heroes can often be the most profound. Meet the men and women, black and white, who helped fight inequity in the British empire, and continued the fight that has led to today’s America. Ages 8+
  • American Mah Jongg

    Learn to play this fun and fascinating game that combines a Chinese set of tiles with American rules and strategy. You will need your own official 2023 National Mah Jongg League card, which can be ordered when you register. Beginner: We will cover the fundamentals of the game, progressing through familiarity with the tiles, building the wall, understanding the Charleston series of tile exchanges, and learning the hands. Advanced Beginner: For players who already know the basics of how to play and want to develop skills and confidence, or just need a refresher. We will focus on choosing a hand, keeping your options open, and refining aspects of the rules. Gain speed and mastery as you improve your knowledge of the game. Students need a 2023 National Mah Jongg League official card, if you don’t have one, please select the $15 option online during registration.
  • American Sign Language (ASL)

    Signing is a useful skill that can open up a new world of relationships and understanding. Level 1 (Absolute Beginner): Learn the ASL manual alphabet, numbers, greetings, basic signs, and ASL grammar basics. This class is for absolute beginners only. Level 2: Section A (Low Beginner): For students who have completed the Level 1 class or have similar experience with letters, numbers, and basic signs. Further increase your vocabulary and get introduced to verbs and adjectives. Section B (High Beginner): A refresher and skill-building class for students who have taken Level 1 and have firm knowledge of basic vocabulary. Strengthen your vocabulary, speak instructor-to-student and student-to-student with full sentence work, and practice in day-to-day signing situations. Level 3: (Intermediate): For those who have completed Level 2 and want to further increase vocabulary and grammar skills. Learn more advanced vocabulary, converse in the classroom with only ASL, and learn about Deaf culture and history. Note: Students will be required to purchase a book for the class: Barron's American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Guide to ASL 1 and 2 with Online Video Practice illustrated edition
  • An Evening with Paper-Cut Artist Peter O Zierlein

    Learn about paper-cut art and how this bold, intricate technique is used in the work of illustrator, graphic designer, professor—and ACE cover artist—Peter O Zierlein. “I draw with a knife,” he says about his technique of cutting organic, round, angular, and sharp forms into folded paper that he uses as a starting point for illustration, graphic design, pattern design, stencil design, and installations. Peter will discuss the broad history and the practice of paper-cut art; its use in cultural and religious contexts; and myriad ways he uses the medium to create fine art prints, posters, patterns for wallpaper and textiles, murals, sculptures, plywood boats, and more. His client list includes The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian; German publications Berliner Zeitung, Stern, and Spiegel; and other national and international newspapers and magazines.
  • An Indian Dinner

    Enjoy an evening of cooking and culture as we prepare a simple evening meal together. Come prepared to be transported to another world as we fry, sauté, roll and stir a variety of ingredients. Dishes may include: Batata vada (deep-fried mashed potato fritters) served with date chutney, eggplant masala (eggplant curry cooked the Mughlai way with onion, tomatoes, spices and cream), masoor dal (red lentils), and carrot and green pepper pulao (rice cooked with vegetables and mild spices). This class is a mix of demonstration and hands-on cooking.
  • Arabic: Levantine Spoken

    This course is for those who have some familiarity with Levantine Arabic. Considered one of the major varieties of Arabic, “Levantine” refers to the spoken variety of Arabic among the eastern Mediterranean coast, which includes Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. More informal than Modern Standard Arabic, this dialect is used in the home, among friends, and has become the chosen language for many television series. We will discuss various everyday topics, with some focus on grammatical structures.
  • Arabic: Modern Standard

    Originating in the 6th century, the Arabic language has become one of the most widely spoken and recognizable languages in the world today. This version of Arabic is the formal language of news, media, and books. These classes are taught by a native speaker. Level 1: This beginning level class introduces the 28 Arabic letters and focuses on basic reading and writing skills through an interactive and practical instructional method. Some basic everyday vocabulary and conversations such as greetings and courtesy expressions are also part of the course. Level 3: Expand your Arabic proficiency. This course will put your conjugation and other grammar skills to use as you learn to write more elaborate paragraphs.
  • Art & Soul

    Visit five “off-the-beaten-track” museums in our local area. We’ll tour an intriguing variety of historic, artistic, and educational venues. Each week we’ll take a docent-led tour that will add a new dimension to our museum-going experience. Discover more about where we live through these museums and what they tell us about our place in history. Museum admission not included.
  • Auto Repair for Everyone

    Join us for this information-packed lecture/demonstration and build confidence in your ability to diagnose car problems and communicate with auto repair professionals. Get a general overview of major systems of an automobile from an experienced mechanic and instructor who can make all things automotive both fun and clear. We will cover basic maintenance; discuss common problems; and troubleshoot ignition, charging, cooling, fluids, electrical, brakes, and exhaust systems.
  • Bakery Box: Biscotti & Italian Cookies

    Discover the satisfaction of baking your own Italian cookies and bring home a box of sweet treats that will rival what you can buy in the North End. Together, we’ll make a variety of classic Italian cookies: crispy, dunkable twice-baked biscotti; soft and pillowy ricotta cookies; crunchy and fragrant sesame cookies; amaretti cookies bursting with almond flavor; and rustic, buttery Venetian currant and cornmeal cookies. Please note: Price was incorrect in the Highlights section of the print catalog.
  • Ballroom Dance

    Enjoy some of ballroom’s most popular social dances. Whether you want to float like Fred and Ginger or put a little sexy hip action into those Latin dances, come join in the dancing fun. Couples and singles welcome. Beginning: We will break down the basics of footwork, musicality, and partnering in swing, salsa, rumba, and more. Two left feet? No rhythm? No problem! Once you learn the basic steps, you’ll be able to spice up any dance floor you step on. Continuing: Ready to move past the basics? We will cover a variety of moves like crossovers, turns, and combinations to up your dance game. We will also dive into more styling and technique, to give you a more polished look. Please note: If attending as a couple, both dancers must register individually. Ages 18+
  • Banjo

    Learn to play the banjo in the old time clawhammer style. Ages 18+ Beginning: For beginners and those with a bit of experience. We’ll start with right hand technique and chords. The goal will be to learn a handful of melodies that people actually play in open G and, hopefully, in double C and G modal tuning. Learning by ear will be stressed but handouts of banjo tab will also be available. Continuing: For clawhammer banjo players who can already play at least a handful of tunes and who are looking to learn more in G, G modal, and in double C tuning. We will focus on the right hand technique as well so that you can get the best sound that you can. Please note: Students must bring their own banjo. "Larry Unger is a treasure. He is, obviously, a first-class musician, but also a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher of both music and music history, and just a nice, welcoming, encouraging person. He has also created a great community of banjo players; showing up and playing music with my friends (under Larry's direction) is the best part of this class."
  • Beekeeping for Beginners: The Bees Knees

    Welcome to the fascinating hobby of beekeeping. This class will cover the benefits and how-tos of keeping bees. Get started or get a refresher on everything from honey bee biology and behavior to how to acquire your first bees and where to place your hive. We’ll discuss equipment, how to conduct inspections, seasonal management of your colonies, and being a good neighbor.
  • Beginner Green Wood Carving

    Carving fresh, found wood into useful objects is a fun, relaxing, satisfying hobby. We will cover an overview of “green” woodworking, including tools, materials, process, technique, and safety. We will talk through the early part of the process of turning a log into a rough carving blank with an axe. Then you will learn safe, effective knife grips so you can carve your project. We’ll wrap up with a discussion on finishing touches, decoration possibilities, and how to continue in the craft. Class fees include all materials needed, as well as use of loaner tools. Butter spreader/cheese knife: This single-session class is perfect for complete beginners and will have a slower pace. Please note the Wednesday, 2/28 class will take place at the Gibbs School. Wooden spoon: Some experience woodworking, carving, or in other hand crafts would be beneficial for this two-night class.
  • Beginning Brioche

    Expand your baking skills with the fundamentals of brioche-based pastry—from dough preparation and cutting, weighing, and shaping, to filling the pastries with chocolate, cherry, apricot, and other fillings. We will make several shapes such as buttery, caramelized French kouign-amann; sweet, braided mini-babka; and various filled buns. Bake your delectable pastries with the experts at the artisan bakery, Bread Obsession, and take them home to share with your sweetheart. All levels welcome. Please note: Participants will need to wear a head covering (scarf or baseball hat).
  • Beginning Jewelry: Sterling Silver Pendant

    Create a beautiful sterling silver pendant with a bezel-set cabochon stone as you learn basic metal working techniques. Develop fabrication skills including: drilling, sawing/piercing, filing and multiple soldering techniques; satin finishing; and setting the stone. All materials will be provided, including sterling silver, fine silver bezel, many different 16mm round stones to choose from, copper, and more.
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    Boating Skills & Seamanship

    This introductory course is for both sail and power boaters and includes instruction on safety afloat, legal responsibilities, aids to navigation, rules of the road, charts and compass, engines, knots, weather, boat handling, radio procedures, and navigation electronics. Completion certificate helps reduce boat insurance fees. Families are welcome. Please note: Course materials are $60 and are paid directly to the USCG in class. Materials include the text, chart, test & certificate.
  • BollyX LIT (Low Impact)

    This class is the low-impact version–but still high energy–of the Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program. At the very core of a BollyX workout is the inspiration it draws from the infectious energy, expression, and movement of the music and dance of Bollywood, the film industry of India. Follow along, learn the dance moves as you go, and get a great cardio workout to get you moving, sweating, and smiling. No previous dance experience is required!
  • BollyX Workout

    Be exposed to a new musical genre while you get an amazing cardio workout with this dynamic dance-fitness program that draws inspiration from the high-energy song and dance sequences of India’s Bollywood movies. Have lots of fun, unleash your inner swagger, and engage your entire body as you cycle between high and low levels of intensity choreographed to great tunes from around the world. Moves can be modified for any fitness level. No experience necessary. Ages 18+