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  • American Sign Language (ASL)

    Signing is a useful skill that can open up a new world of relationships and understanding. Level 1 Learn the ASL manual alphabet, numbers, greetings, feelings, expressions, family, time, clothes, body parts and other basic conversational tools. For those who have no experience with ASL or who need a refresher on the basics. Level 2 Further explore the beauty of this visual language and learn about Deaf Culture. For those who have completed ASL: Level 1, or who have comparable experience, learn signs relating to verbs and basic conversational style. We will also focus on the basic formation of grammatically correct sentence structure for ASL.
  • Arabic: Modern Standard

    Originating in the 6th century, the Arabic language has become one of the most widely spoken and recognizable languages in the world today. These classes are taught by a native speaker. Level 1 This beginning level class introduces the 28 Arabic letters and focuses on basic reading and writing skills through an interactive and practical instructional method. Some basic everyday vocabulary and conversations such as greetings and courtesy expressions are also part of the course. Level 2 For those who have some basic knowledge of Arabic (are able to read and write simple words, as well as being familiar with some vocabulary). Use your Arabic skills to read short paragraphs while learning some grammatical structures. Conversational themes will include nationalities, family members, describing neighborhoods and residences, food and drink, clothing and colors, weather and more. Level 3 Expand your Arabic proficiency. This course will put your conjugation and other grammar skills to use as we learn to write more elaborate paragraphs. We will continue to expand our vocabulary and skills.
  • French

    Lay the foundation to become a confident French speaker. Learn pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and verbs with a focus on describing the world around you. Level 1 Beginners or anyone wishing to review the fundamentals should take Level 1, where we will learn basic vocabulary, present tense verbs, and useful everyday words and phrases. Part of each class will be spent practicing with oral dialogues, to gain comfort in speaking. Level 2 Focus on improving conversational precision by developing vocabulary and learning present and immediate future tenses. We will also practice oral dialogue and learn common and irregular verbs, possessive and demonstrative adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, and imperatives.
  • French Café: Conversation & Culture

    Bonjour! Join this welcoming and lively French conversation class led by an enthusiastic native speaker. This is your chance to learn, practice, and improve your conversational French in a relaxed, fun yet structured setting. You will also have the chance to increase your knowledge of French history and culture and discuss topics that will surely raise passions. Isn’t this what French is all about? This class is for those who have taken French: Levels 1 - 3, and or have strong skills in speaking and listening. We will review advanced grammar topics including object pronouns, compound tenses, and subjunctive, with assignments to practice your skills throughout the week. Au plaisir de vous y retrouver!
  • Hebrew

    Whether your goal is to speak to Israelis, read the Hebrew Bible in its original language, or follow along at Shabbat services, get a solid foundation in this unique language. Expect lively class discussions and optional weekly homework assignments. Level 1 Start at the beginning with the Alef Bet and Hebrew vowels and progress to reading and translating short texts. Level 2 After a quick review of the Alef Bet, learn nouns, verbs, and simple sentences, drawn from modern life, the Bible, and textbook exercises.
  • Italian

    Buongiorno! Are you ready to learn Italian in a fun and interesting way? Through conversation about everyday life, we will learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar as we explore Italian culture and la dolce vita. Gain a solid knowledge of the language of music and love. Level 1 Get introduced to basic grammar topics including pronunciation, personal pronouns, indefinite and definite articles, singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives, gender, and number agreement. Learn to describe everyday activities using the present tense of regular and irregular verbs. Level 2 Work on improving spoken Italian, mastering reflexive verbs, past tense of regular and irregular verbs, and possessive adjectives. Level 3 Further hone oral comprehension and expression of topics including travel, health, and time. We will also focus on imperfect tense, distinctive pronouns, simple future tense, and double object pronouns. Level 4 This section will focus on complex reading selections, opportunities for vocabulary development, and creative use of the language. Develop more grammar skills using indefinite adjectives and pronouns, imperative form, conditional tenses, and relative pronouns.
  • Levantine Spoken Arabic: Intermediate

    Please Note: This class was switched to an Intermediate level class on 9.9.2021. "Levantine” refers to the spoken variety of Arabic among the Eastern Mediterranean Coast, which includes Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. More informal than Modern Standard Arabic, this dialect is used in the home, among friends, and has become the chosen language for many television series. Thus it is the version of spoken Arabic that is understood by almost all Arabs. In this class you will work on improving your conversational skills in situations such as asking about travel and directions, identifying places around a city, renting a hotel room, and many others. We will also review some grammatical concepts and structures needed for these conversations.
  • Mandarin

    你好!(Ni hao! / Hello!) Spend time learning a language that has 5,000 years of history. Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world and becoming increasingly popular due to globalization.Gain insights into Chinese languages and culture and lay the foundations to understand Mandarin. This introductory class will teach you to write the Chinese phonetic system and have simple conversations. We will also explore how Chinese characters originated and get introduced to some practical Chinese etiquette.
  • Russian

    Practice Russian in a lively online group atmosphere. We will work on vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills, all while exploring traditional and modern Russian culture. Level 1 Become familiar with basic grammar such as grammatical gender, singular/plural noun endings, and introductory verb conjugation. You’ll be able to make simple sentences on basic everyday topics by the end of the class. No prior experience necessary. Level 2 Expand basic grammar such as singular/plural noun endings, introductory verb conjugation, and adjective forms. We’ll practice useful tasks such as saying where you live and work, discussing travel experiences and preferences, and describing objects. Vocabulary topics will include household and food. Being familiar with basic tenses and grammatical gender is required for this class.
  • Spanish

    Level 1 Through fun activities you will learn and practice the alphabet, numbers, greetings, gender agreement, simple present tense of regular verbs, basic vocabulary, and more. The course is geared towards those who’ve had very little to no experience with the Spanish language. Please note: All Spanish classes will be online. 8 Tuesdays | Sept. 28–Nov. 16 | 10:30–11:50 am | Online | $139 (Bridegelal) 8 Thursdays | Sept. 30–Dec. 2 | 6:00–7:20 pm | Online | $139 (Covarrubias) Level 2 Continue with more conversation and new grammar concepts to help you gain confidence in the language. Learn ordinal numbers, simple present tense of irregular verbs, how to express likes and dislikes and more. Improve pronunciation and increase your vocabulary as we explore topics such as traveling, ordering food, and giving directions. 8 Thursdays | Sept. 30–Dec. 2 | 7:30–8:50 pm | Online | $139 (Covarrubias) Level 3 Practice advanced grammar and verb conjugations. We will study the present tense of reflexive verbs, how to express time, date and weather, and introduce the past preterite tense. In addition, we will study vocabulary relating to the house, the city, countryside and nature and places in the world as we work to further hone pronunciation. Students taking this level should already be familiarized with the present tense of regular and irregular verbs, as well as with the basic differences between ser y estar. 8 Thursdays | Sept. 30–Dec. 2 | 6:00–7:20 pm | Online | $139 (Abadía) Level 4 Cover grammar topics including the imperfect and the preterite, pronouns, familiar commands, adverbs, as well as the use of se, por, and para. We will expand on the use of both preterite and imperfect past tenses, as well as develop conversational skills. If time permits, we will also cover the formation of the imperative. For this level, students should have a clear idea of present and past tense and be able to describe their surroundings in simple terms. 8 Thursdays | Sept. 30–Dec. 2 | 7:30–8:50 pm | Online | $139 (Abadía)
  • Spanish Cafe: Conversation and Culture

    Spanish is the most widely-spoken Romance language in the world, with more than 480 million native speakers. This convivial class is taught by a native speaker and offers conversation and culture for those who want to refresh their Spanish, take it to the next level, or just miss speaking the language. We will improve your spoken Spanish and vocabulary by encouraging discussions on a variety of topics involving the culture of Spanish-speaking countries: art, literature, music, cuisine, travel and current events. Intermediate Students should have knowledge of the preterite, the past imperfect, and the future tense to join this class. We will review these, as well as other grammatical structures such as the conditional, the imperative, and the present subjunctive. Advanced For students comfortable with an immersion (Spanish-only) experience. We will work with advanced topics that stimulate deeper conversations and debate, and challenge us to further increase our vocabulary. Please note: New end date 12/1.