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  • Elliott Brown (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Conversational French for Fluent Speakers

    Spend time with fellow French language lovers, conversing in a warm and inviting setting. This class is designed for students who are proficient in present, imparfait, and passé composé, and who are able to use object pronouns. The instructor will offer exercises designed to increase fluency.
  • French Café: Conversation & Culture

    Bonjour! Join this welcoming and lively French conversation class led by an enthusiastic near-native speaker and learn, practice, and improve your conversational French in a relaxed, fun yet structured setting. You will also have the chance to increase your knowledge of French history and culture and discuss topics that will surely raise passions. Isn’t this what French is about? This class is for those who have taken French: Levels 1–3 and/or have strong skills in speaking and listening. We will review advanced grammar topics including object pronouns, compound tenses, and subjunctive, with assignments to practice your skills throughout the week. Please note: You will need a copy of the Grammaire Progressive du Francais Intermediaire (edition 3 by Maia Gregory).
  • French Level 3

    Level 3: Acquire vocabulary on a wide range of topics and gain proficiency in expressing wants, needs and obligations (devoir, vouloir, pouvoir), build on the present, and start the simple passé composé. Grammatical topics include the definite and partitive articles, prepositions, adverbs, direct object pronouns, present and passé composé. This class will cover leçons 14–19 in the Contacts edition 8 or 9 textbook, easily found used or downloadable online.
  • Hebrew

    Whether your goal is to speak to Israelis, read the Hebrew Bible in its original language, or follow along at synagogue services, these courses will help you get started with a solid foundation in this unique language. Expect lively class discussions and optional weekly homework assignments. All levels will enjoy Hebrew and Israeli music. Level 1C: For students who can read the Hebrew alphabet, know 10-50 words of vocabulary, and can conjugate a few simple verbs in the past tense, or who have already taken Hebrew 1B. Level 3: Discover the inner elegance of Hebrew grammar and become your own translator. This course focuses on Biblical and prayerbook Hebrew, using examples drawn from the Bible, the Hebrew prayer book, and fairy tales rendered in Biblical Hebrew. Requirement: Familiarity with Hebrew verbs in past, future, and present (aka “participle”) tenses. Please note: This text is required for all Hebrew classes: The First Hebrew Primer: The Adult Beginner's Path to Biblical Hebrew, Third Edition 3rd Edition. (Please do not purchase until we confirm the class has met minimum enrollment.)
  • Italian

    Buongiorno! Are you ready to learn Italian in a fun and interesting way? Through conversation about everyday life, we will learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar as we explore Italian culture and la dolce vita. Gain a solid knowledge of the language of music and love. Level 2: For those who have taken Level 1 or with similar experience. Work on improving spoken Italian, mastering reflexive verbs, past tense of regular and irregular verbs, and possessive adjectives.
  • Spanish Conversation

    Would you like to maintain and improve your Spanish language skills over the summer? If so, spend an hour each week conversing with fellow Spanish language learners. Take part in different discussion activities as pairs or with the whole group—sharing personal interests, creating conversations in break-out rooms, describing visuals, and more.