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  • Bakery Box: Biscotti & Italian Cookies

    Discover the satisfaction of baking your own Italian cookies and bring home a box of sweet treats that will rival what you can buy in the North End. Together, we’ll make a variety of classic Italian cookies: crispy, dunkable twice-baked biscotti; soft and pillowy ricotta cookies; crunchy and fragrant sesame cookies; amaretti cookies bursting with almond flavor; and rustic, buttery Venetian currant and cornmeal cookies.
  • Cheese Tasting: Funky Favorites

    Feeling adventurous? Join a cheesemonger to learn about and taste some of Formaggio’s funkiest favorite cheeses. As you taste your way through, you will come to appreciate the incredible skill needed to produce them. Although wine will not be served, throughout this tasting you will also learn helpful tips and tricks for pairing wine with more robust cheese flavors. You’ll leave this class having discovered some new favorites!
  • Coffee Tasting & Roasting

    Coffee is love! Learn where specialty coffee comes from, how it is processed, graded, and roasted, then taste a few different types. After the group has decided which coffee they like the best, we will fire up the roaster and develop a batch of freshly roasted beans. After they have cooled, we will bag them and everyone will leave with a 12 oz. bag of their own freshly roasted coffee.
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    Get “Curried” Away!

    Please note: new date for this class is Tuesday, 5/21. For Indian food aficionados, the word “curry” conjures up images of chunks of vegetables, lentils or meats in buttery, colorful, and aromatic gravy. If you are new to cooking Indian cuisine and would like to introduce your family to the exotic flavors of a good curry, come learn to prepare two different simple kinds. We will make aloo-gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes with ginger, chilies and spices), and curried black-eyed beans cooked in an onion-tomato gravy. These curries will be served with aromatic saffron rice made with ghee, saffron, raisins, and nuts. Come get “curried” away! This class is a mix of demonstration and hands-on cooking.
  • Indian Home Cooking: All Things Spinach

    Let’s go green! Palak (spinach) extends its popularity to the Indian continent with great zest. Because it is a seasonal vegetable, home cooks try to incorporate it daily in their meal plans for the few months of the year it is available. There are hundreds of recipes that use palak, and we will learn three popular ones. First we will make palak paneer, a very famous north Indian curry with onions, pungent spices, and paneer (cheese). We will also make palak pulao of basmati rice with spinach, tomatoes, brown sugar, and garam masala, with peanuts and cashews. Finally, we will make spinach dal, a healthy lentil soup with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and coconut milk. This class is a mix of demonstration and hands-on cooking.
  • Luxury Tequila

    Please note: Luxury Tequila classes run two hours, 7:30-9:30 pm. The popularity of Tequila has exploded in recent years and for good reason. It’s delicious! Come learn about the distinctive distillate of the blue agave plant grown in Jalisco, Mexico. Together, we will sample a range of exceptional Tequilas, discuss its history, and learn why so many people love it. Our tasting will explore Silver (unaged), Reposado (lightly aged), and Añejo (well aged) varieties. We will also compare Tequila to its cousin, Mezcal. Returning students are welcome as we will be trying an entirely new lineup of Tequilas. Light snacks are included. 21+
  • Mexican Fiesta

    Make the whole month of May a celebration of Cinco de Mayo by cooking some favorite Mexican dishes. We’ll get the meal started with homemade pico de gallo and an irresistible guacamole. Then it’s on to the main course: rich and aromatic chicken enchiladas to please a crowd. We’ll round out the meal with a satisfying side dish of Mexican tomato rice. This will be a Mexican feast you’re sure to enjoy. ¡Olé!
  • Mustard: The King of Condiments

    Ever marvel at the many kinds of mustard, in so many colors, consistencies, and flavors? There is literally a mustard to please every taste and palette. We’ll try a dozen varieties paired with a wide array of mustard’s perfect accompaniments—cheeses and cured meats. Taste the difference between Pommery and Dijon, deli style vs. spicy brown, Bavarian vs. British, and coarse-grained vs. whole seed. Get a detailed overview of the history of mustard, how it is grown and processed, what makes it hot or not, its many nutritional attributes, its legacy in medicine as heralded by Hippocrates, and even mustard’s distinguished place in advertising and pop culture.
  • Ravioli Workshop

    Everyone loves ravioli! Learn to make pasta dough from scratch, how to use a pasta machine, and practice using a few necessary tools to make perfect ravioli. We will also make sauces to accompany our filled pasta. Our menu will include wild mushrooms and shallot ravioli with fresh tomatoes and roasted garlic sauce; butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce; Swiss chard, ricotta, and pancetta ravioli with creamy Tuscan tomato sauce; and seafood with mascarpone and tomato basil cream sauce.
  • Vegetable Fermentation

    Make dilly beans, sauerkraut, and kimchi as you learn all about fermentation. Not only does fermentation have the power to make plants safer to consume and more nutritious, but it also enhances the flavor, aroma, and texture of food. We’ll taste a few samples, and then talk about what fermentation is, go over a very brief history, and get an overview of the microbes involved. We will discuss how foods can be transformed by fermentation and how to ensure that we are fermenting safely. There will be time to make each fermented item and brainstorm fun ways to use them.
  • Wines of Spain

    Spain produces outstanding wine. Join us for a relaxing and delicious introduction to a range of the most delicious varietals that call this country home. We will try such crowd pleasers as Cava, Spain’s premier sparkling wine, and Rioja, but our journey will go deeper to explore the grapes that flourish in Spain’s terroir. Tempranillo is king, but Granacha deserves respect, and Mencia, which is barely known in the USA, should be on your mind and in your glass. We’ll also try the versatile white wine Abariño and Sherry, Spain’s most popular fortified wine. If you don’t already love Spanish wines, prepare to be amazed! Light snacks are included. 21+