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  • Actor’s Toolbox

    Experiment with games, improv, voice, and movement to learn basic acting skills and build confidence, all while having fun. Each class begins with warm-up games followed by acting exercises—ranging from silly to serious—that build focus, confidence, and communication skills.
  • Compositions—From Sound to Music

    Songwriting, graphic/visual composition, soundscapes, and group improvisation are just some of the ways we will explore turning individual sounds into music. We’ll ask, “Where does music come from? How does music relate to me? What inspires me to make music?” and use real and inspired musical instruments to create compositions.
  • Creative Dance

    Increase your flexibility and strength as we explore movement, body awareness, and space. You’ll be introduced to foundational dancer skills and use them to build improvised routines. Together, we’ll choose music that moves us, learn from each other, and choreograph a final class dance.
  • Drumming for Beginners

    Rock out on the drums while focusing on foundational drumming skills. Using practice pads, learn how to grip and balance drumsticks and proper technique for playing the snare drum with articulation and overall accuracy. Rhythm and sight reading are other vital skills to master, and we’ll have plenty of exercises to practice keeping the beat each week. Please note: Bring a drum practice pad and set of sticks to each class. A limited supply of practice pads and sticks are available to borrow during class for those who do not have them.
  • FunDrumz

    FunDrumz is a full body and brain workout designed to give you a physical, mental, and social experience through basic drumming and movement. We will use exercise balls, buckets, and drum sticks to rock out and jam to our favorite tunes with movement routines that combine cardio, rhythm drumming, age appropriate learning activities, and lots of fun!
  • Hip Hop Dance Fitness

    Join this weekly dance party as we get into the groove and gain strength. We’ll learn hip hop steps, play dance games, and work on confidence, creativity, and musicality. We’ll also freestyle to music of your choice! Using your new skills, we will work together to create a class routine.
  • Join the Circus!

    Aspiring circus artists, learn amazing tricks that will wow your friends and family. We’ll use peacock feathers, scarves, hula hoops, and juggling balls for our high energy circus antics. Fun games will include balancing, bending, spinning, rolling, and catching skills. Younger students will spend time mastering agility basics, and older students will try tricks and acts that require a bit more focus. The last class will feature a student performance for one another.
  • Musicals—From Page to Stage

    Discover how musicals make their way from the page to the stage. We will break down and explore different elements of the creative process. Learn how costume and set designers create a believable world that tells the story of the play. See what goes into learning the songs and dances. Present your designs and participate in a final performance at the end of the session.