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  • A Taste of Thai Cooking

    Thai cuisine is filled with aromatic herbs and spices that contribute to unique and delicious flavors. Join us to explore fresh interpretations of traditional Thai recipes that you can replicate at home! We will make a full Thai meal, starting with a warming and colorful Thai coconut soup. For the main course we’ll learn more about unique Thai flavors as you create Pad Thai. We will finish by preparing a simple and refreshing no-churn mango ice cream. Please bring an apron and container for leftovers.
  • Armenian Cookies, Coffee & Culture

    Please note: New date Saturday, 4/1/23. Make Armenian cookies and coffee while learning about the vibrant, creative culture in Armenia. We’ll knead the dough and learn the technique to sculpt perfectly symmetrical khurebehs, which are traditional Armenian sugar cookies, and mahmours, which are artisan cookies filled with a buttery date and walnut mixture that’s infused with a touch of brown sugar and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. We’ll also make a homemade rosewater infused marshmallow dip and Armenian coffee to pair with our delicious cookies.
  • Coffee Tasting & Roasting

    Coffee is love! Learn where specialty coffee comes from, how it is processed, graded, and roasted, then taste a few different types. After the group has decided which coffee they like the best, we will fire up the roaster and develop a batch of freshly roasted beans. After they have cooled, we will bag them and everyone will leave with a 12 oz. bag of their own freshly roasted coffee.
  • Culinary Explorations of the Sephardic Diaspora

    Cook up some classic dishes from the Sephardic diaspora. When the Jews of Spain and Portugal were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula, they ended up in areas reaching from the Maghreb (Northern Africa) to the Levant (Western Asia). Their resulting cuisine tends to be healthy, aromatic, and interesting to the palate. We will learn how to make a classic hummus from scratch, chraime (spicy fish stew) from Tunisia, a Yemenite hot sauce called schoug, and a yogurt flatbread to scoop it all up with. Please bring an apron and a container for leftovers.
  • Delectable Dumplings

    Learn how to make, fill, and wrap homemade dumplings. Called jiaozi in Mandarin, they are a much-loved delicacy and a symbol of wealth and longevity. First we will prep our ingredients, including pre-made dumpling wrappers. Then make a delicious filling, either using ground pork and chives, or mushrooms for a vegetarian option. We’ll fill and shape the dumplings, then pan fry them on the stove. Concoct a delicious dipping sauce with simple ingredients to serve alongside. Share your delicious dumplings with a family member or friend, or get guidance on how to store the leftovers. Please note: A shopping list will emailed once we meet minimum enrollment.
  • East Meets West: Indian Fusion Food

    Just as Indian food has caught people’s fancy in the last decade, Indians are equally fascinated by western cuisine. Indians, however, love their spices too much to give up in favor of a relatively bland food of the western world. Explore the emerging fusion of eastern spices with western ingredients. Recipes may include aloo quesadillas (filled with potatoes and cilantro chutney), masala vegetable spaghetti (pasta with vegetables and spices), and mango kulfi (vanilla ice cream with pulped mangoes, cardamom, and nuts). Please bring an apron and container for leftovers.
  • Easy Indian Summer Cooking

    There is an amazing array of summer recipes designed to keep one cool and yet satisfy that spice craving associated with Indian food. We’ll incorporate some of the abundance of summer crops into cooling and tasty recipes that may include the breakfast/snack corn poha (pressed rice with fresh corn, chilies, and spices); homemade lemonade with ginger and mint; spinach pancakes with chickpea flour, onion, tomatoes and spices, and yogurt rice, a southern specialty. Please bring an apron and container for leftovers.
  • Floral Buttercream Cupcakes

    Decorate your cupcakes with realistic-looking flower designs made out of buttercream. Learn to make a variety of petals and roses to turn cupcakes into colorful edible works of art. Icing and decorating tools are included, which you will use in class for decorating your cupcakes and take home to recreate your designs. Please note: You will need to bring 10-12 unfrosted cupcakes (store bought or homemade) and a carrier or box to transport cupcakes. For students 18+ only.
  • Fondant Handbag Cakes

    Have your handbag and eat it too! Design a beautiful and unique handbag cake for that special friend or family member who loves both fashion and desserts. We will use fondant, gum paste, and imprint mats to create our masterpieces. Previous fondant experience is not necessary. Icing, fondant, gum paste, mats, and cake boards will be supplied by the instructor. Please note: Please bring two 8-inch unfrosted round cakes (store bought or homemade), a large rolling pin, a large serrated knife, and a box to transport your finished cake. For students 18+ only.
  • French Tartelettes

    Spend an evening creating delicious sweet and savory French mini tarts worthy of a fine Parisian pâtisserie. We’ll learn how to make the buttery tart dough and four different fillings. You’ll make a rich and decadent tarte au chocolat (chocolate tart), a bright and citrusy tarte au citron (lemon tart), and a flavourful tarte framboise frangipane (with frangipane and raspberries) along with a savory tarte au Gruyère et aux asperges (Gruyère and asparagus tart). Please bring an apron plus a box large enough to carry home your tarts. For students 18+ only.
  • Mangia! Italian Cheeses & Accompaniments

    There’s a reason why Italian cheeses haven’t lost popularity, even after centuries of production. They’re delicious! We’ll try the classics like Balsamico and Parmigiano, as well as lesser known cheeses and condiment pairings from all over Italy. Through tasting, we’ll explore the traditions of ancient Italy and witness how they’ve evolved in the hands of modern-day cheesemakers. Buonissimo! Please note: class runs 6:30-8pm
  • Oh lá lá! French Cheeses & Mocktails

    Brie, Camembert, Comté: A meal in France would not be complete without a cheese course. We’ll explore French cheeses through regionality and style with traditional pairings as well as accompanying mocktails. Find out firsthand why French cheeses are some of the most popular in the world. Please note: class runs 6:30-8pm
  • Royal Icing Flowers

    Learn to create a number of different flowers using royal icing. Using a flower nail and multiple decorating tips, we’ll practice apple blossoms, primroses, pansies, and other floral beauties. Once the techniques are learned, these flowers can be used to decorate cookies, cupcakes or cake. Icing, decorator tips, detailed instructions and recipes will be provided. All levels welcome. Please note: Please bring a box large enough to carry home flowers in a single layer. For students 18+ only.
  • Scotch: Sources of Flavor

    Why does scotch taste so good and how do different whiskies taste so different? We will explore the different flavors in whisky by considering their source. Many whiskies are aged in barrels previously used to make sherry, bourbon, port, or even rum. Together, we will try the different sources of scotch’s distinctive flavors and then try the scotch that results from each. Light snacks will be offered.
  • Seasonal Indian Cuisine

    Spend a weekend afternoon focused on cooking delicious Indian meals perfect for spring and summer, with step-by-step guidance, from sourcing the ingredients to cooking the meal together. We will make and enjoy delicious chicken tikka masala naan pizza, made with store bought naan, and discuss summer grilling dinner ideas with this popular recipe. Additionally we will make a curry bowl with fresh vegetable dal curry and basmati rice. Please note: A list of ingredients and substitutions will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment.
  • Slice & Dice: Knife Skills in Action

    Having good knife skills isn’t just about a prettier presentation, it’s about being more efficient and saving time. We’ll cover types of knives, sharpening, cutting techniques and even how to avoid crying while chopping an onion. We’ll be making recipes that showcase a variety of cutting techniques. So whether it’s slicing or dicing, you’re sure to leave this class with valuable skills to practice in your own kitchen. PLEASE NOTE: You must bring your own large chef's knife (approx 8") and a paring knife (approx 3"-4") along with a container to bring home leftovers. Bring an apron if you like. Ages 18+
  • Tequila & Mezcal

    The popularity of Tequila and Mezcal has exploded in recent years and for good reason. They’re delicious! Come learn about the exciting distillates of the agave plant from Mexico. We will start with Tequila and compare premium Silver (unaged), Reposado (lightly aged) and Añejo varieties. After we try some of the best tequilas available in the USA, we’ll move to Mezcal, learn how it differs from Tequila, and taste for ourselves why some people prefer it. If you haven’t given Tequila or Mezcal a proper try, prepare to be amazed! If you have taken the Tequila class before, we will be trying an entirely new lineup. Light snacks will be offered. Ages 21+
  • The Art & Science of Sugar Sculptures

    Watch a sugar piece come to life as you learn the basic science of isomalt, a sugar derived from beets. Find out why this compound disaccharide is a more durable and glossier option for sculptures than sucrose. Then learn casting, pulling, and blowtorching techniques and various coloring options, including the use of edible markers, and craft your own decorative sugar pieces to take home.
  • Uncommon Grapes, Extraordinary Wines

    The world of wine is vast and includes literally thousands of different grapes. Let’s explore them together. In this class, we will move beyond the varietals we already know and try exciting alternatives. For Italian wines, we’ll depart from Pinot Grigio and Chianti and try bright Vermentino and complex Nero d’Avola. For France, instead of Chablis and Bordeaux, we’ll try crisp Vouvrey and rich Hermitage. We’ll also go beyond the regions we usually drink to try South African Pinotage, Australian Viognier, Hungarian Tokaji, and more! Let’s expand our palate and try some stunning wine varietals that you may not have heard of before but which might become your new favorites. Light snacks will be offered. Ages 21+
  • ¡Tapeamos!

    Explore the diverse and delicious world of Spanish tapas and Basque pintxos, small bites you would find in Madrid or further north in San Sebastián. We will make a classic tortilla española (egg and potato omelet), garlic mushroom pintxos, gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp), and more. You will leave with a plethora of fun ideas for your next cocktail party. Please bring an apron and a container for leftovers.