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  • Beginner ASL for Families

    As a family, discover the graceful and expressive language of sign language and learn to communicate just by using your hands. Learn basic, practical communication skills such as salutations, opinions, introductions, and giving descriptions of people and things. As classes progress, you will learn to talk about yourself, your feelings, interests, and more. These skills will be reinforced through in-class activities that will make learning fun. Grades 3+
  • Chess Together (Family)

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Considered one of the greatest games ever invented, chess teaches many important life concepts such as concentration, strategy, how to win graciously, and how to accept defeat with dignity. Learn chess rules, positional tactics, and fundamentals to more advanced moves with the guidance of an experienced chess master. We will divide into groups according to experience and end the program with a mini chess tournament. All levels welcome. Ages 6+
  • Chocolate Explosion!

    Halloween is long over, and the last of the Valentine’s candy wrappers went out with last week’s trash. You hate the idea of buying MORE candy, with those unpronounceable ingredients and endless plastic waste, but what will you do about that sweet tooth? Learn how to make your very own peppermint patties, Mounds, Almond Joy, and peanut butter cups from scratch, using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Be sure to bring lots of containers to take home your delicious hand-dipped creations. Please note: this class has nuts, dairy, coconut and accommodations cannot be made.
  • Family Karate: Better Together

    There are many benefits of martial arts for kids—better physical fitness, confidence, self-control, discipline, etc. It’s even better when kids and parents train together! Not only does it help keep the kids motivated, but it gives everyone something to work on together between classes. You’ll learn karate strikes, kicks, and even your first form. By the end, you’ll both have the opportunity to test for a yellow belt, the first rank. This is a fun class that balances keeping kids engaged with giving adults lots of new things to learn. Open to kids ages 7+ and adults of any age and fitness level.
  • Glass Art (Family)

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Be amazed by the stunning, functional pieces of art you can make by combining colorful pieces of cut glass. After learning how to work safely, together you will design your own unique low relief “tack fused” tile and a night light or small dish using glass pieces, powders, frits (crushed glass), and stingers (spaghetti-like threads). Ages 8+ Your instructor will fire your creations in his own kiln and they will be available for pickup at AHS within two weeks. Safety note: Students must wear closed toes shoes. Safety glasses will be provided.
  • Incredible Card Tricks (Family)

    Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name. Wow your friends and family with amazing sleight-of-hand card tricks. Join a professional magician for an evening of step-by-step instruction for beginner-level card tricks that you can master with only a modest amount of practice. All you’ll need is a deck of cards to become a hit at any party and amaze even the most cynical of skeptics. No experience necessary, just the ability to hold a deck of cards. Ages 10+
  • Juggling (Family Class)

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Fight the force of gravity while learning a new skill that will surely impress your family and friends. Basic juggling is easy to learn and it’s also good for your brain. Sharpen your concentration, increase your coordination, and reduce your stress as you learn how to juggle a three-ball pattern, along with some other beginner tricks. Ages 10+
  • Mandala Rocks (Family)

    PLEASE NOTE! Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Enjoy a relaxing evening together while learning to paint mesmerizing mandala patterns on rocks. Mandala painting is a beautiful art form, as well as a proven way to relax the body and mind. We’ll combine this calming art process with mindfulness games and a guided meditation to make a tranquil evening for the entire family. Ages 6+
  • Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Buns

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Indulge your senses with the sweet aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns, whether you’re a baking enthusiast or a beginner. Create these delectable treats from scratch, guided by an experienced chef. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn the secrets behind the perfect dough, the art of rolling and shaping, and the tantalizing spice blend for the signature cinnamon filling. Discover the tricks to achieving that irresistible gooey texture and golden-brown crust. Ages 7+ Please note: Please bring a 9x13" baking pan. We will bake our cinnamon buns if time permits, but this may be a take-home-to-bake class.
  • Janet (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Spring Cookie Decorating (Family)

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Learn how to create professional-looking cookies with tips and tricks from a certified baker and Level III Wilton certified decorator. Explore several decorating techniques including flooding and creating wet-on-wet designs. Using simple tools we will decorate sugar cookies with spring designs, geometric patterns, and flowers. BYO cookies (details online). Please note: Bring 8-12 sugar cookies per participant. The cookies should be baked ahead of time or store bought. Once the class reaches minimum enrollment we will send you recipe if you prefer to make your own.
  • Tour the State House

    Visit the Massachusetts State House for a tour with Arlington’s own State Representative, Sean Garballey. This guided tour is a walk through history, not just of the building, but of the Commonwealth itself. Established by an act of the legislature in 1969, the State House Tours Division now guides approximately 90,000 visitors annually through the halls of the state’s capitol building. Experience democracy in action at this landmark full of significance to both our state and our country. Ages 8+ Register each person separately.
  • Wet-Felted Bowl Workshop (Family)

    PLEASE NOTE! Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Felting, the oldest known way to make fabric, combines layers of wool fibers into one piece without knitting or weaving. The workshop will begin with a brief tutorial on felting basics. We will use the “resist” method, which involves covering a thick, flexible piece of plastic with wool roving to transform a flat surface into a three-dimensional object. Your completed felted bowl will make a unique decor accent or can be used for a variety of functional applications, such as a key dish or pencil holder, or even a lampshade! Ages 8+
  • Wire-Wrapped Gemstones (Family)

    Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Create your very own unique wire-wrapped jewelry or mini sculpture. Learn about the properties of a wide variety of beautiful semi-precious stones and crystals. Then pick your favorite and create a wearable pendant or ring; a pendulum to tap into the energetic connection between you, the earth, and the cosmos (or to hypnotize your friends!); or a decorative mini sculpture of your own design. Ages 8+
  • Wood Carving: Wooden Beads (Family)

    PLEASE NOTE! Fee covers one adult/child pair. Please register under adult’s name only. Carving fresh, found wood into useful objects is a fun, relaxing, satisfying hobby. Learn how to carve wooden beads from local, rescued logs and get an overview of “green” woodworking and safe use of a carving knife. The finished beads make fun keychains, distinctive jewelry, or holiday ornaments. We’ll wrap up with a discussion on finishing touches and decoration possibilities to finish at home. Ages 10+