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  • Boston Fire Museum Tour (Family)

    The second oldest existing firehouse in Boston, built in 1892, is now the Boston Fire Museum. The firehouse has recently undergone a complete renovation of its museum floor and exhibits, and houses a vast collection of artifacts, equipment, documents, and apparatus. Led by a retired firefighter, learn the history of the building and the story of the development of firefighting technology within the Great Boston area. Put on your jacket and helmet, slide down the pole, and grab your fire hose! All proceeds from this class go toward the ACE Scholarship Fund to help make our classes accessible to all Arlington youth.
  • Boston by Little Feet

    Travel through 300 years of history on this fun and interactive tour of Boston’s Freedom Trail. Experience historical sites that played a key role in the American Revolution. See Faneuil Hall, the Old State House and the Old South Meeting House. Hear stories of Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty, Prince Hall as he fought for the end of slavery, and author Mary Abigail Dodge and her famous book written in 1870, A Battle of the Books. We’ll also visit the site of the first public school in America and the oldest burying ground in Boston. All ages. Children under 6 are free. Please note: The tour will cover 1-2 miles at a moderate walking pace, stopping at various sites along the tour. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Chess Together (Family)

    Please note: Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name. Considered one of the greatest games ever invented, chess teaches many important life concepts such as concentration, strategy, how to win graciously, and how to accept defeat with dignity. Learn chess rules, positional tactics, and basics to more advanced moves with the guidance of an experienced chess master. We will divide into groups according to experience and end the program with a mini chess tournament. All levels welcome. Ages 6+
  • Felting Fun (Family)

    Felting wool with water is a fun way to create a container to hold your trinkets, or a hat for your head. You’ll use a mold, warm water, soap, and lots of rubbing to bring colorful felt fabric to life and give it shape. Come ready to create! Ages 8+ Please note: Tuition is for 1 adult plus 1 or 2 children. Please register under adult's name only.
  • Henna Hands (Family)

    Learn about the history and practice of henna, a temporary body art made from dye prepared with organic powder, essential oils, sugar, and water. You will have the opportunity to practice techniques such as rolling a henna cone and designing small motifs, and will receive a small custom hand design. This fun, informal class is open to people of all artistic abilities. Ages 10+
  • Italian Classics (Family)

    Please note: Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name. Come learn and mangia as we explore the varied cuisine of Italy. Try your hand at making traditional—and delicious—dishes such as manicotti with a rich and creamy filling, oven-baked calzones, and scrumptious cheesy pizza. An ingredient list and short list of basic kitchen tools will be provided. Ages 8+
  • Mandala Rock Painting (Family)

    Please note: Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name. Enjoy a relaxing evening together while learning to paint rocks in mesmerizing mandala patterns. Mandala painting is a proven way to relax the body and mind, and is a beautiful art form to boot. In this family class, you and your youngster will find yourselves engrossed as you learn and practice techniques to paint smooth and natural rocks in abstract, textured, and colorful finishes. Ages 6+
  • Mosaic Jewelry Workshop (Family)

    Using a wide selection of pre-cut colored glass pieces, beads, iridized and dichroic glass, each pair will create four stunning pieces featuring mini mosaics set inside deep pendants. Once the glass pieces are glued to the metal, we’ll grout our pendants with one of the many colors available and string them on black leather cords. Ages 8+ Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name.
  • Shibori: Creative Textile Design (Family)

    Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name. Come explore shibori, a surprisingly easy and wonderfully addictive ancient Japanese hand-dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting, or bunching cloth and binding it, then dipping it in indigo dye. Experiment with cotton as the canvas and enjoy seeing the variety of patterns created by your classmates using the identical techniques. Each pair will leave with beautiful shibori items and detailed instructions to practice your new skills on your own. Ages 7+
  • Valentine's Cookies (Family)

    PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child (age 8+). 
Please register under adult’s name only. Learn how to create professional-looking cookies with tips and tricks from a certified baker and Level III Wilton certified decorator. Explore several decorating techniques including flooding and wet-on-wet designs. Decorate with puffed hearts, geometric patterns, and flowers using simple tools. Ages 8+ Please note: Bring 8-12 sugar cookies per participant. The cookies should be baked ahead of time or store bought. Once the class reaches minimum enrollment we will send you recipe if you prefer to make your own.