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  • Acupressure & Self Massage

    Learn how to ease tension, increase circulation, and relieve pain with simple massage techniques you can do on yourself. We’ll use our own hands, fingers, elbows and other household items like tennis balls to treat ourselves to effective massages. Discover how to activate energy meridians, stimulate the lymphatic system, and use acupressure points to reduce pain, decrease stress, and bring greater harmony to your body. Through demonstration, practice time, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, you’ll start to notice the benefits of this practice in no time.
  • Adult, Infant & Child CPR with AED

    This intensive three-hour course covers adult/child CPR and AED, adult/child/infant choking, and infant CPR. Following the course, you will be comfortable assessing a victim, checking for breathing, performing rescue breaths and chest compressions, and activating the emergency response system. You will also learn how to help someone who is choking, respond in other emergency situations, and use an AED. A course completion card good for two years will be emailed to participants following the course. Ages 16+ Please note: Educators and students can register at a reduced rate. Please register first and then email us within 24 hours and we will refund you for the amount.
  • Alexander Technique: Improve Posture & Relieve Pain

    Are you interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and reducing stiffness, pain, and tension? The Alexander Technique provides the means to restore innate good posture, balance, and poise by teaching how to recognize and unlearn habitual patterns of tension that interfere. Since 1900 this practical, educational method has been used worldwide by individuals of all ages to reduce tension and stress, improve the performance of all of life’s activities, and offer lasting relief from chronic pain. Get an introduction to this technique and experience how it can be applied to your everyday activities to help you feel, move, and look better. NOTE: Registration includes one private lesson outside of class, scheduled individually.
  • Become More Resilient & Mentally Tough

    You can change the way your brain reacts to fear and difficult life situations. It’s true. If you’ve ever been disappointed in yourself because you didn’t complete a challenging task or didn’t bounce back from adversity, it’s not because you are lazy or lack willpower. More likely you never learned the skills necessary to be more resilient. These skills can be taught and acquired at any age. In this participatory one-night workshop, learn four techniques rooted in neuroscience that will help you be mentally tougher and face adversity with confidence.
  • Elevate Your Makeup & Skincare Routine

    Discover new techniques, tips, and tricks to elevate your regular makeup and skincare routine. Join a professional makeup artist to learn how to apply cosmetics to achieve different effects for a customized look that maintains both your personal aesthetic and makeup comfort level. This class will focus on how to manipulate products to enhance your face shape, define your eyes, and create a sophisticated makeup look that isn’t overdone. Alexandra will demonstrate techniques on class volunteers as she walks you through a makeup routine and answers questions about specific challenges. She will also touch upon proper skin care suggestions, makeup products that are easy to apply, and tools needed to complete these makeup looks.
  • Facial Yoga

    Pamper yourself with facial yoga. Learn how to use facial yoga poses to tighten and tone facial muscles, which help to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin rejuvenated. You will also learn eye exercises to alleviate eye strain and a sequence of facial massage techniques to release sinus tension and congestion. All of these techniques can be learned either seated in a chair or lying down on a yoga mat. No prior yoga experience necessary.
  • How to Talk with Friends & Family Across Political Divides

    Political differences can damage relationships—but it doesn’t have to be this way. How do we maintain or rebuild respect with family, friends, and colleagues who hold very different views from ours? Join this interactive workshop to learn useful models of engaging in difficult conversations. In a safe space, we’ll go over a variety of scenarios and have plenty of time to practice and gain effective skills for these encounters. Topics will include why rapport might be broken and how to build it back up, how to defuse tension and change the tone, and how to identify and avoid trigger words. We’ll also talk about moral foundations and how they can differ between political parties, and learn about groups that are working to repair relationships across the political divide.
  • Live with Intention & Transform Your Life

    As you step into fall’s busyness, reaffirm your intention to live with purpose and to listen to the call of your heart. Bring whatever your aspirations are—for your relationships, health, professional work, overall well-being, or whatever you wish—to this thoughtful, inspirational workshop led by an experienced healer. We’ll clarify your intentions for what you want in your life and explore what is getting in the way of manifesting them. Learn techniques to clear your blocks, put intention behind your actions, and live a more purposeful, peaceful, and empowered life.
  • Manage the Transition Through Menopause

    Are you experiencing symptoms of menopause and have questions? Or are you wondering if you’re in perimenopause? The transition through menopause is an individual experience full of changes. We will review the basics of menopause before exploring the hormonal shifts and how they impact mood, cognition, skin, vaginal health, hair, health, sexual function, bone health, and quality of life. Learn about evidence-based and naturopathic approaches to managing your symptoms through these years. Diet and lifestyle considerations will be discussed. You will come away feeling less stressed about this important life milestone.
  • Meditation & Visualization: Build Your Practice

    Meditation is about learning to focus your thoughts, heighten your self-awareness, reduce stress, and enhance your creativity. Each session will provide different ways to enter into a meditative state and offer you a pathway to unlock your imagination through mindfulness, guided imagery, and breathing exercises. As the practice of meditation and visualization becomes routine, it will quiet your mind, enhance your sleep, and enrich your life in both expected and unexpected ways. Designed for both beginners and those who already have a meditation practice.
  • Mindfulness & Meditation

    Discover how mindfulness practices clear mental clutter, wash away tension, and awaken a deep sense of joy, wonder, and connection. This all-level class incorporates gentle breathing and movement, feel-good stretching, and guided meditation to let go and relax into the present moment. We complete the experience with optional group sharing honoring ourselves and the time we have spent together. You will leave feeling relaxed and restored with a deep sense of belonging.
  • Reiki Certification

    Learn Reiki for self-healing; to support friends, family and pets in their healing process; and/or to become a Reiki professional. Level 1: Receive the attunements believed to allow Reiki healing energy to flow through your hands. Each participant will get a complete Reiki treatment and then practice giving one to another student. We will cover health effects, how to best utilize this gentle healing modality for the benefit of yourself and others, and how to open a Reiki practice. Receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate at the successful completion of the training. Level 2: Add power and versatility and enhance your Reiki with three specific practical techniques. Learn to intensify Reiki energy, combine the practice of Reiki with psychological and emotional issues, and discover how to heal from a distance. Receive a Reiki Level 2 Certificate at the successful completion of the training. A Level 1 Certificate is a prerequisite for taking this class.
  • Senior Care Series

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. Knowing your options if/when your parents need help is critical to your ability to make good decisions for them. Join an expert who specializes in helping families navigate senior living and care options within Massachusetts. Understanding Senior Care Options: This workshop will cover the continuum of care options available to seniors who are declining in independence and the costs associated so you can understand what may be needed and when. Finding care options is only part of the process, getting your parents to agree and accept the change is another. The second part of this workshop will offer participants insight into approaches and communication styles that support success rather than resistance when talking to our aging parents. What to Know When Choosing a Nursing Home: Although it is the goal for most people to avoid ever going to a nursing home, for many it is needed, even if just for short-term rehab. Choosing a nursing home can be daunting especially if you have to make the decision in a hurry (which is often the case). In this presentation, we will discuss the top five mistakes people make when choosing a nursing home as it relates to both short-term and long-term care. Knowing which nursing homes you would choose if it becomes necessary is an important part of being prepared in the event of a hospitalization. The second part of this workshop will lay out some other important things you may need when your parent is discharged from the hospital. Helping Your Loved Ones Stay at Home: We will explore the dynamic of shifting parenting. When our parents start making poor decisions it is hard to get them to do what is needed, because we are their children and not their parents. Participants will learn reasons why our parents’ decision making becomes so questionable and ways to help maintain their sense of independence. For many people, their goal is to honor their parents’ wishes to remain at home. This is often not as straightforward as it may seem. The second part of the workshop will help participants learn what considerations are needed to support a loved one to successfully age at home.
  • The Art of Interpersonal & Emotional Intelligence

    Learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and boundaries in ways that strengthen and preserve your relationships with others. Expand your interpersonal skill set in this powerful webinar with Lauren Mackler, a world-renowned coach, CNN commentator, best-selling author of Solemate and co-author of Speaking of Success. Lauren will teach you how to gain mastery of your emotions, communicate clearly and effectively, and manage differences in ways that invoke others’ respect, defuse conflict, and produce the outcomes you want in your personal life, relationships, and at work.
  • Understanding the Microbiome for Better Digestive & Mental Health

    The microbiome consists of the microbes that live in and among us. Research into how the microbiome contributes to our health is exploding and bringing about a fascinating shift in certain areas of medicine. Learn about the latest findings in this field and how this relates to the health of you and your family members. Curious about probiotics? Concerned about the side effects of antibiotics? Want to know what diet is best to keep yourself healthy? All of this will be covered in this interactive class.