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  • Acupressure & Self Massage

    Learn how to ease tension, increase circulation, and relieve pain with simple massage techniques you can do on yourself. We’ll use our own hands, fingers, elbows and other household items like tennis balls to treat ourselves to effective messages. Discover how to activate energy meridians, stimulate the lymphatic system, and use acupressure points to reduce pain, decrease stress, and bring greater harmony to your body. Through demonstration, practice time, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, you’ll start to notice the benefits of this practice in no time.
  • Adult, Infant & Child CPR with AED

    This intensive three-hour course covers adult/child CPR and AED, adult/child/infant choking, and infant CPR. Following the course, you will be comfortable assessing a victim, checking for breathing, performing rescue breaths and chest compressions, and activating the emergency response system. You will also learn how to help someone who is choking, respond in other emergency situations, and use an AED. A course completion card good for two years will be emailed to participants following the course. Educators and students can register at a reduced rate. Please register first and then email us within 24 hours and we will refund you for the amount.
  • Alexander Technique: Improve Posture & Relieve Pain

    Interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and reducing stiffness, pain, and tension? The Alexander Technique provides the means to restore innate good posture, balance, and poise by teaching how to recognize and unlearn habitual patterns of tension. Since 1900 this practical, educational method has been used worldwide by individuals of all ages to reduce tension and stress, improve the performance of all of life’s activities, and offer lasting relief from chronic pain. Its effectiveness in enabling long-term relief of back pain is supported by research. Get an introduction to this technique and experience how it can be applied to your everyday activities to help you feel, move, and look better.
  • Elevate Your Makeup Routine

    Discover new techniques, tips, and tricks to elevate your regular makeup routine. Join a professional makeup artist to learn how to apply cosmetics to achieve different effects for a customized look that maintains both your personal aesthetic and makeup comfort level. This class will focus on how to manipulate products to enhance your face shape, define your eyes, and create a sophisticated makeup look that isn’t overdone. The instructor will demonstrate techniques on herself, as she walks participants through a makeup routine and answers questions about their challenges with their own makeup routines. She will also touch upon proper skin care suggestions, makeup products that are easy to apply, and tools needed to complete these makeup looks. A face chart will be provided for note-taking as well as a packet of product recommendations and makeup technique tips & tricks.
  • Enhance Sleep & Reduce Stress Through Nutrition

    In today’s world most of us live in a state of increased stress and lack of sleep. All of this is interconnected in our bodies, and creates a vicious cycle leading to a decreased quality of life. Join a functional dietitian and discuss nutrients in food that help you better manage stress, sleep, and overall well-being in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Let’s get you on your way to living a long, healthy and happy life… because you only live once! There will be time for questions at the end. Please note: Class date is different from printed catalog. New date Tuesday, 2/1/22.
  • How to Have Constructive Conversations Across Political Differences

    Political differences can damage relationships—but it doesn't have to be this way. How do we maintain or rebuild respect with family, friends, and colleagues who hold very different views from ours? Join this interactive workshop to learn useful models of engaging in difficult conversations. In a safe space, we’ll go over a variety of scenarios and have plenty of time to practice and gain effective skills for these encounters. Topics will include why rapport might be broken and how to build it back up, how to defuse tension and change the tone, and how to identify and avoid trigger words. We’ll also talk about moral foundations and how they can differ between political parties, and learn about groups that are working to repair relationships across the political divide.
  • Live with Intention & Transform Your Life

    Start the year with new purpose and learn to listen to the call of your heart. Bring whatever your resolutions are for this year—for your relationships, health, professional work, overall well-being, or whatever you wish—to this thoughtful, inspirational workshop with healer Janet Kessenich. We’ll clarify your intentions for what you want in your life and explore what is getting in the way of manifesting them. Learn techniques to clear your blocks, put intention behind your actions, and live a more purposeful, peaceful, and empowered life.
  • Manage & Reduce Financial Stress

    Money can be one of the more stressful subjects in our life—if not the most stressful. Whether we have a lot of it or a little, many of us have a very negative belief system when it comes to finances. That negativity (even subconsciously) rules over all of the big decisions we make. Learn how to change your mindset at this stress management workshop. With three disarmingly simple and effective habits, bestselling stress management author Tim Grimes will help you become more comfortable with whatever situation you are in. Implementing these tricks will help neutralize many common fears about losing or not having enough money.
  • Natural Deathcare: Caring for the Body, Caring for the Earth

    Explore natural and sustainable approaches to post-death care, funerals, and body disposition. As we've come to realize the importance of environmental impact in every area of our lives, we also should consider that what we do with our body after death also impacts the earth. Get an overview of the issues and alternatives of after-death care as well as options that can benefit our families, communities, and environment (including those being considered now for legalization in MA). Learn about your legal rights to family-directed and home-based natural death care, practical aspects of body care post-death, green and conservation burial cemeteries, and additional DIY options such as building a casket and planning commemorative rituals. These choices can offer simpler, more humane, and even joyful ways to draw closer within our communities while honoring those who have died. Come away with a deeper understanding of the range of possibilities available and a clearer vision for how to create a funeral that aligns with your values and priorities. Co-sponsored by the Natural Deathcare Collaborative and Sustainable Arlington, an Envision Arlington Environment Committee, a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.
  • Patient Advocacy: Informed Healthcare Decisions

    Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming. This introduction to healthcare advocacy will teach you how to take charge of your own healthcare or that of a loved one. Learn how to make more informed decisions, whether facing a recent diagnosis and or hoping to gain a better understanding of the information available through patient portals. Leave with a better understanding of the oftentimes complicated language and clarify many of the acronyms. We’ll discuss referrals and prior authorizations, what all of that means, and provide a comfortable environment for you to ask questions that might be confusing or frustrating. With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry and living with a chronic condition herself, your instructor will pass on firsthand knowledge and help empower you to take control of your health.
  • Planning Ahead for Caregiving

    Caregiving for an older adult touches the vast majority of us in some way, which is why it is so important to be prepared. Lack of preparation can have a negative impact on so many aspects of our lives, including mental and physical health, loss of social connections, and reduced or lost income. This class will provide you with a better understanding of the aging experience and how to initiate a conversation about it. Learn to develop an effective action plan tailored to the older person’s needs; find out about a wide range of resources and services available in the community for older adults and caregivers; and gain caregiver coping skills.
  • Raising Antiracist Kids: A Parent Workshop Series

    This workshop series is for parents and other caregivers who want their children to be informed about race and committed to racial justice, but have limited experience talking about race with young people. We will unpack current thinking and research behind race-conscious parenting and explore examples and ideas for engaging children in learning about race and racism. Our small group learning community offers support and accountability to help participants take the next step in antiracist parenting. Participants are expected to try things out at home between sessions. Please note: While participants of all racial backgrounds are welcome, the focus is on raising children whose racial identity affords them some privilege. Session 1: The rationale for race-conscious parenting Session 2: Healthy racial identity development Session 3: Discussing racism with children Session 4: Taking action with children
  • Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing): Not Just Any Walk in the Woods

    Experience a deep nature connection on this guided forest bathing retreat with a Certified Forest Therapy Guide. Peel the layers of stress away and support healing and wellbeing by experiencing the medicine of the forest. We’ll do a series of relaxing activities to engage our senses, deepen nature connection, hone intuition, and connect with the natural world around us. This walk covers a total distance of about 1.5 miles on a well-maintained but at times uneven trail. Please note: Walk will take place in Acton. The exact meeting location will be emailed as part of your Registration Confirmation email. Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear for walking. All walks meet rain or shine (rain often enhances sensory experience and makes for some of our most memorable walks.)
  • Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness

    Many people spend years seeking a “soul mate” to complete them. Others settle for unfulfilling relationships out of fear of being alone. Based upon the Solemate book, bestselling author, therapist, and coach, Lauren Mackler presents her groundbreaking roadmap to shedding old, self-defeating patterns, achieving mastery of your own life, and experiencing a greater sense of wholeness and joy on your own or in a relationship. This class is designed for people who are single, divorced, or who seek greater independence in their relationship.
  • The Power of Your Habits

    Are your habits supporting or sabotaging you? Join a wellness strategy coach for this interactive workshop focusing on how the game changing practice of cultivating just the right daily wellness habits in your busy life can help you stress less, have more energy, and enjoy your life more fully. First experience an illuminating check-in about your own current habits. Then learn to recognize the potent difference between habit-power and will-power. Discover your own personal keystone habit and how to leverage it, and get tips for how to neutralize your kryptonite habits. Walk away with a strategy for having more good days.
  • Visual & Creative Journaling

    Explore ways to begin a visual journaling practice, a way to creatively express yourself through art rather than words. Together we will relax, release, and spontaneously create images with curiosity from guided prompts provided by the instructor. The images are personal and creative, offering us a way to release tension, gain insights, and make changes in our lives. These images can help us document our inner journey and give voice to our hidden dialogue. No artistic skill is necessary to enjoy this course. Please note: Bring paper, pencil and/or acrylic paints, watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, or any art materials you have at home.
  • White People Challenging Racism: Moving From Talk to Action

    While this small online workshop welcomes participants of all identities, the focus is on racism as a system that White people created, maintain, and need to take immediate action to end. Examine the role of White people in dismantling racism, in becoming antiracist, and in building an equitable society. You will explore the impact of White privilege and how being unaware of that advantage helps perpetuate racism. Write about your own racial awareness journey. Enhance your understanding and capacity for action through discussion of short readings, videos, and other materials. Share everyday racism-related situations where you may not have effectively responded and, using role plays, work out effective ways to challenge racism. Develop a specific plan for challenging racism in the workplace, an organization, or in the community, while being encouraged to find other people in your life who can provide support and serve as an accountability partner in implementing your plan. Please note: Attendance at all sessions and completion of all assignments are required. Each participant will receive a phone call from one of the facilitators prior to the start of this program to review the commitment and class requirements.