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  • Beginner Backyard Birdwatching

    Get to know your feathered neighbors in this online introduction to birdwatching. Backyard birding has become a popular hobby and it's easy to see why. It's a fun and convenient activity you can do right in your own backyard. Learn more about the amazing creatures that live all around us and appreciate how they enrich the natural world. Learn beginner bird watching tips and tricks, get birding resources, and find out what you can do to help your feathered friends in your backyard and beyond.
  • Brain Games to Keep You Sharp

    An active brain is a fit brain. Neuroscience has shown that people aged 50+ who solve word games and brainteasers have significant cognitive advantage over those who do not. Brains must be exercised, just like the rest of the body. When you think in novel ways you stimulate the growth of new brain cells. Join the author of three best-selling books of brain games, and play a lively mix of word games, trivia challenges, and brainteasers—all vetted by a neuroscientist—and discuss the cognitive skills they help to sharpen. The games are designed to exercise the six key cognitive functions vulnerable in normal aging: long-term memory, working memory, executive functioning, attention to detail, multitasking, and processing speed. Come have fun and give your brain a workout!
  • Incredible Card Tricks (Adults)

    Have you been amazed by card tricks on YouTube and TV talent shows and wondered how they are done? Wonder no more! A professional magician will teach you spectacular card tricks to impress family and friends that are easy and require no sleight of hand. With a step-by-step breakdown of each trick as well as tips and techniques on improving your professional performance, you will be the hit of your next party.
  • Learn American Mah Jongg

    Learn to play this fun and fascinating game that combines a Chinese set of tiles with American rules and strategy. We will cover the fundamentals of the game, progressing through familiarity with the tiles, building the wall, understanding the Charleston series of tile exchanges, and learning the hands. Students need a National Mah Jongg League official card, available for purchase for $10 from the instructor at the first class. Please note: The first class on 10/7 will be held at Arlington High School. All subsequent classes will meet at the Gibbs School.
  • Learn Bridge

    Sociable and enchanting, a hand of bridge takes only a deck of 52 cards, four people and about 10 minutes to play. Easy to learn, the game can take a lifetime to master and is fun to play at all levels of expertise. Over eight weeks, you will learn how to play Bridge, including the basics of bidding, play, scoring, and bridge conventions. Classes include hands-on learning, guided demonstrations, group discussions, and lots of bridge hands to practice techniques. All very fun and highly interactive! Registered participants will receive a comprehensive set of handouts for each lesson. The book Easybridge! by Edith McMullin is optional (may be purchased from the instructor at the first class for $15).
  • Play Bridge

    Come join us to practice and play bridge while increasing your confidence and deepening your understanding of the game. Get your questions answered and receive help in real-time. The atmosphere will be fun, friendly, and relaxed. Bidding Refresher This mini-course moves beyond the basics of the game. Topics include Opening and Responding, Overcalls and Takeout Doubles, Stayman and Jacoby Transfers, and Strong 2C and Blackwood. Each session begins with a brief lesson, then you will bid and play a series of prepared deals with your classmates to practice the techniques presented. This is a wonderful opportunity for Bridge players who are returning to the game and would like a refresher or for beginners who want to improve and hone their bidding skills. Defense The focus of this mini-course is on techniques to improve your results when defending. Topics include Carding/Signals, Opening Leads, Discards, and Partnership Cooperation. This series is highly interactive with guided demonstrations and discussions. You will bid and play a series of prepared deals with your classmates to practice the techniques presented. This is a great opportunity for beginner course graduates and advanced beginners to develop their defensive skills and fierce defender mindset.
  • Virtual Safaris

    Getting ready to plan the adventure trip of a lifetime? Unable to travel and want to feel as though you were there? Go on an amazing virtual adventure to three different areas of the world. Hear exciting stories of the places, people, and amazing wildlife these avid travelers have encountered through video and photos. Get invaluable travel tips about each itinerary, including where to stay, what to pack, best times of year to visit, and how to make the most of your budget. We’ll also cover traveling with young children. Wednesdays | 7:00–8:15 pm | Online | $19/screen (each) Costa Rica We’ll start in Costa Rica, where the couple met “Tracie the Bug Lady” on a nighttime tour, an active troop of Spider monkeys, and a twelve-legged sea star. (Sept. 29) Galapagos Island Our next safari will take us to the island of Galapagos, where the unique species found there inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. (Oct. 6) South Africa Our final destination is Southern Africa, which boasts an ecologically rich and diverse selection of animals from leopards to giraffes and elephants. (Oct. 13) Join all three safaris & save | $49/screen
  • Weichi: The Chinese Game of Go (Adults)

    From ancient emperors and samurai to Google programmers, people have long been fascinated by the game of Go. With rules that can be explained in minutes, and strategic depth still evolving after millennia, the game is a great way to spend time, sharpen your critical thinking, and have fun. We’ll learn the rules and fundamentals of the game, face our fellow learners across the board, and explore the rich history of the oldest continuously played board game in the world. Please note: The first class on 10/7 will meet at Arlington High School. All subsequent classes will meet at the Gibbs School.