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  • Coding Fun

    Coding Fun is a class where we explore what basic coding is (giving directions) and check out some really cool (and free!) coding apps available to young coders. This class is a low-key and low-risk space for kids to try out coding and learn some basic strategies. Class Requirements: What do I need for Coding Fun? TWO Device(s) needed (you will need a device for Zoom and a device to code on) FOR ZOOM: Kids will need a device to connect with me via Zoom (I will share our course link with you). This can be a laptop that has access to video. This seemed to be the best option so it can just be set up while kids code on another device. FOR CODING: (choose one) iPad: This might be the easiest option for your coder. A touchscreen chromebook: Sometimes it can lag with the programs we use but that’s ok, we will problem solve. We will use some coding programs online that don’t need apps also. The touchscreen is important for Scratch Jr and CodeSpark which use that feature. An android tablet that can support online browsing and the apps needed. Some families found success with this! Coding Apps - please download these prior to our class (free in Google Play Store for chromebooks/iOS store for ipads) Scratch Jr (will only work on chromebook/android with app download OR ipad with app downloaded) CodeSpark Academy - this app is FREE and we will access it through the ‘schools’ button - no membership required. I will walk kids through the process of joining our classroom. A problem-solving attitude!
  • DIY Science Lab

    Create your own do-it-yourself science toys. Each week we’ll explore and build fun toys and gadgets that you make - and learn the science behind them. Make a mini catapult to launch a pom pom as you learn about energy and motion. Study how magnets work and make a moving magnet car. Sooth your mind with a silly sensory bag and celestial swirling bottle. Make a marble maze and design a house for an action figure. Creative engineering fun!
  • Escape the Digital Room

    You and your teammates will have 40 minutes to examine clues, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and decode secret messages in order to complete the task of unlocking the secrets to Escape the Digital Room. The team that escapes the fastest is given ultimate bragging rights—that is until their record is broken by a new team. Play various escape games that will take you into the most exciting fantasy places and require you to use budding STEAM skills to finish each challenge. Please note: Students should have a notebook/paper and pencil/pen available for class. Content is a repeat of winter term so not recommended for returning students.
  • Habitat Spring Explorations

    School this year is different and may involve a lot of learning online or sitting quietly inside a classroom. An outdoor after school group is a safe way to let off steam, move our bodies, connect with nature and make friends. We will observe seasonal themes through nature exploration, artistic expression, games, and quiet reflection time. Please note: Thisprogram meets in-person at Habitat Sanctuary, 10 Juniper Road, Belmont. Bathrooms will be available but the class will be completely outdoors. Please dress for the weather. Masks are required and class will follow strict Covid-safe procedures.
  • LEGO from Home: Minecraft Adventures

    Tap into your imagination from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of an experienced instructor and simple pieces from your own LEGO collection—all while connecting virtually with your friends and classmates. We will craft our favorite Minecraft Biomes, Mobs, and more. Explore your creative boundaries, learn new building techniques, and connect your projects to practical real-world STEM concepts, all with a focus on open-ended builds that do not require special LEGO pieces.