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  • Crazy for Calzones

    Explore the endless possibilities of making delicious calzones—baked Italian turnovers filled with pizza ingredients—fresh from your own oven. In this hands-on class, learn to roll out and shape the dough, choose filling options to personalize your calzone, then fold it in half and crimp the edges. Calzones make a great appetizer or main course and they freeze well.
  • Japanese Cooking

    Expand your cooking skills while we prepare traditional Japanese recipes—just in time to serve for dinner. First we will make Temari Sushi, which are small, ball-shaped sushi—beautiful and delicious treats typically served for special occasions. During week two we will prepare Yakisoba—a noodle stir fry with vegetables and protein—along with the traditional miso soup. The final class will focus on dessert! Recipes may include mochi cake, pudding, and sweet Dango dumplings made of rice flour. Please note: A list of ingredients and substitutions will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment.
  • Kids' Test Kitchen

    We’re on a mission to get you cooking, tasting, and thinking about healthy ingredients. Explore new or familiar raw foods, and then with adult supervision and occasional assistance, work together, to slice, dice, peel, measure, and cook until we have each prepared the finished dish. The virtual experience gives you the unique opportunity to immediately share your work with family. This session we’ll be making veggie sushi, black bean tacos, lemon solstice pasta, and we’ll even bake some cookies—healthy cookies, that is! Please note: We will be using our parent platform to deliver shopping lists and organize the schedule. Parents will need to sign up with their email address. Younger students may require the help of a sous-chef. Set your student up for success; parent availability for assistance and some supervision recommended for LIVE participation. Students who may not have an adult readily available at the time of class, are still encouraged to join in as observers.