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  • Holiday Cards: Paper Quilling

    Learn to twirl and whirl paper into whimsical shapes and designs. Quilling is an art form that uses tiny strips of paper to create beautiful ornaments and elaborate pieces of art. The quilling process is very calming; it gives you peace and provides you with an artistic outlet to keep you zen. Surprise your friends and loved ones this season with beautiful handcrafted greeting cards that are truly works of art. Note: Materials list will be emailed. Order your supplies in advance to be sure they arrive on time. Ages 10+ PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child. 
Please register under adult’s name only.
  • Holiday Cookie Decorating

    Have you ever seen beautifully decorated sugar cookies and thought, “How did they do that?!” Acquire basic sugar cookie prep/baking and decorating skills by learning from a certified baker and Level III Wilton certified decorator. She will share her sugar cookie dough and icing recipes and demonstrate rolling techniques. Get tips on successful baking strategies, piping, flooding, and color tinting. Twelve pre-baked cookies, pre-bagged royal icing, and a container of decorative sprinkles will be included in a kit to be picked up prior to class. You will also need some basic kitchen tools. Ages 8 +. Tuition includes a $20 cookie decorating kit. PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child. 
Please register under adult’s name only.
  • Make & Bake Calzones

    Explore the endless possibilities of making delicious calzones—baked Italian turnovers filled with pizza ingredients—fresh from your own oven. In this hands-on class, learn to roll out and shape the dough, choose filling options to personalize your calzone, then fold it in half and crimp the edges. Calzones make a great appetizer or main course and they freeze well. Ages 8 +. PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child. Please register under adult’s name only.
  • Maki Roll Sushi

    Does your family enjoy eating sushi? Make rolling sushi a fun family affair in the comfort of your own home. With step-by-step instructions, learn techniques to make two kinds of maki rolls. We’ll start by preparing fillings: seasoning sushi rice, thinly chopping vegetables, preparing imitation crab (this class does not involve raw fish), and making tamagoyaki by rolling together thin layers of seasoned egg. Perfect your rolling techniques as we make hosomaki, a simple maki sushi typically containing one filling, surrounded by rice and wrapped tightly with nori (seaweed). We’ll then move on to making larger rolls, futomaki, filled with colorful and flavorful items. Directions for making sushi rice will be sent prior to class. Please note: A sushi mat is recommended for this class. They are available at Asian supermarkets such as HMart, Ebisuya, and Maruichi, or online from Amazon. A list of ingredients and substitution options will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment. Ages 8+. PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child. 
Please register under adult’s name only.
  • Ornament Making: Woven Stars & Snowflakes

    Spruce up your holiday decorating with these charming woven reed ornaments. In this two-hour workshop you will weave three different stars and snowflakes using natural or dyed reed in a variety of color choices, then secure them with waxed linen thread. Each ornament will be finished with a ribbon hanger. Make for yourself or to give as a gift. Supply kits will be available for pickup in Arlington Heights starting five days prior to the class date. Pickup directions will be sent out to registered students once the class has met minimum enrollment. Tuition includes $26 materials fee, which covers two kits. To register for a single kit for an additional person please call (617) 800-4245. Ages 10+. Please note: Additional materials needed include a 12" ruler, a basin or bucket of water, sharp scissors or pruning shears, and loctite ultra gel control super glue. PLEASE NOTE! Fees are for one adult and one child. 
Please register under adult’s name only.
  • Working Together for Change: An Active Bystander Workshop

    Have you been or have you wanted to have family discussions about how to build a more equitable society? Take this class together and learn strategies for having empowering and informative talks and how to hold each other accountable. We all witness situations where we want, but hesitate, to intervene whether we’re at school, the workplace, family gatherings or on social media. An active bystander is someone who not only witnesses a situation, but also speaks up or takes steps to defuse a situation or keep it from escalating. Learn how to become a more effective active bystander. We’ll focus on looking at our own blindspots as well as the microaggressions and biases we witness in friends and family. Learn how to engage in effective and non-aggressive conversations around harmful things people have said or done in order to promote dialogue and change around these issues. We will practice practical strategies for handling specific situations and discover what tactics may work best for you. Leave this class feeling more empowered and better informed.