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  • Babysitting Basics

    This program is designed to better prepare you to become a capable, caring, and responsible babysitter. Understand the responsibilities and skills—including basic first aid and what to do in an emergency—and develop confidence in handling situations you may encounter when caring for young children. Upon completion, your services will be in high demand in the neighborhood! Please note: the printed schedule for this class has changed. It will now run in March as listed.
  • Home Alone Safety

    Knowing when a child is ready to stay home alone is a challenging decision, but preparation can make this milestone much easier for your family. Home Alone Safety is a readiness program that builds self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and stronger decision-making abilities through a variety of fun, interactive activities, discussions, and situational role-playing. It is a stepping stone for younger grades as they explore and become comfortable with the idea of being home, and for older grades to better understand and gain confidence with being home alone. Topics include: ● Confidence & Readiness Strategies ● Trust, Communication, & Good Decision Making ● Creating a Safe and Positive Environment ● Checking-In with Parents ● Walking Home & Arriving Home Safely ● Securing Your Home ● Someone is at the Door ● Handling Real-Life Situations and Emergencies ● Safe Snacks & Activities ● Taking Care of Siblings & Pets ● Creating an Emergency Contact List ● Creating Action Plans Guidebooks and parent handouts will be provided via PDF attachment prior to the course. Materials will be included for parents and guardians to create safe environments and family emergency action plans. "Frank was an excellent instructor. He responded well to children's questions and comments, was inclusive of different home situations and made sure that children were prepared but not anxious. It was awesome that he laid out various situations in such a clear way. I definitely recommend this class for other children in our community!" –Fall 2021 parent
  • Kids in the Kitchen

    Let’s get cooking, tasting, and thinking about healthy ingredients. Working as a team, we’ll slice, dice, peel, measure, and cook to prepare a special dish. We will celebrate seasonal produce and offer ideas for quick and healthy family meals. Take home the key ingredient or a sample of the finished dish, and the recipe to show off what you’ve learned. Recipes may include veggie chili, truffles, and other vegetarian delights!. Food allergies are taken into consideration, making sure that everyone is having fun and staying safe.