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  • 3D Printing with BlocksCAD

    Learn how to design awesome 3D objects using BlocksCAD, a software program that combines 3D modeling with block-based coding for an easy to use and educational experience. We will print two of your designs on one of Einstein’s Workshop’s 3D printers.
  • Actor’s Toolbox

    In this introductory acting class we will experiment with games, improv, voice, and movement to learn basic acting skills and build confidence, all while having fun. Each class begins with warm-up games followed by acting exercises—ranging from silly to serious—that build focus, confidence, and communication skills.
  • Adventures in STEM with LEGO®

    Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer-designed projects such as chugging steamboats, enchanted moon bridges, and bustling airports. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.
  • App Inventors

    Want to know how the apps work on your phone or iPad? Or do you already have the next great app idea, and just need to know how to make it? In this no-experience-required course, we use MIT App Inventor software to make fun, creative apps for Android phones and tablets. We will also explore wireless communication by building custom bluetooth hardware controllers and readouts for our apps.
  • Art Explorers

    Have a blast as we explore a variety of art media to learn basic art concepts like texture, line, color, and shape, while creating 2D and 3D projects. We will use all sorts of materials—from paints and pencils to found objects and paper mache. In the process we will reflect on our projects and increase our art vocabulary.
  • Audubon Habitat’s Nature Detectives: Wild Winter

    What’s happening outside in the winter? Come learn how different plants and animals have adapted to survive during these cold months. We will look for tracks, signs and scat as we explore outdoors! Habitat’s naturalists will bring in animals, tell stories and play wild games outside to discover the wonder that winter has to offer!
  • Babysitting Basics

    The excellent 4-H program gives you the skills and confidence to handle situations you may encounter when caring for young children. At the end of the course you will receive a Babysitter ID and a certificate of completion.
  • Chess Wizards

    Considered one of the greatest games ever invented, chess teaches many important life concepts such as how to win graciously, how to accept defeat with dignity, concentration, and sportsmanship. Learn chess rules, positional tactics, and basics to more advanced moves with the guidance of an experienced chess master. We will be divided into groups according to experience, and end the program with a mini chess tournament. All levels welcome.
  • Circuit Makers 101

    Let’s get creative with electricity! Create your own electronics such as light-up greeting cards, electric games, mazes, and even musical instruments. Each class consists of a circuitry lesson and a hands-on electronics project using components like lights, buzzers, switches, motors, and sensors. Most class days will include a project you can take home.
  • Clay Creations

    Come experiment with clay to create a variety of imaginative and useful objects. We will discuss form and function and practice different hand-building techniques (pinching, coiling, and slab building) as well as surface decoration as we build sculptural, functional, and fantastical pieces of art.
  • Coding Fun

    Come join in on some coding fun. In this self-driven and self-paced course we will use Scratch Jr., Ozobots and to explore coding and programming concepts on iPads. New and returning students are welcome.
  • Crafting is Cool

    Explore a seemingly endless supply of fun materials in this “craft-tacular” class. We'll use cool stuff like popsicle sticks, beads, buttons, and felt to make fluffy pompoms, puppets, pillows, and more. Expand your crafting skills, learn to sew, or improve your sewing skills as we experiment with different stitches. Crafting really is cool!
  • Creative Cartooning

    Have you ever wanted to create characters like ones in your favorite graphic novels? Develop characters, settings, and dialog to design your own comic strips and graphic novels from your imagination. Learn how images, exaggeration, character development, and expression can make your ideas come to life. Work in a variety of materials including ink, colored pencil, and more.
  • Demystifying College Admissions

    Join a former college admissions officer for an insider’s perspective on the complex and challenging college admissions process. We will discuss the basic elements of the college application; how to conduct research on colleges through in person and virtual visits; the ever-changing college entrance exam landscape; the value of a college interview, even if it is conducted via Skype or Zoom; and the different college application platforms. We’ll talk about choosing teachers for recommendation letters and discuss the difference between Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision applications. With this information you will be able to develop a reasonable timeline and learn key organizational strategies to keep your college application process on track. Parents and students are welcome to attend.
  • Driver's Education through CS Driving School (Note - Information Only)

    (Note - Information only) All Driver’s Ed registrations must be done online through CS Driving School. To Register, please visit CS Driving School. Select Locations then click Enroll under Arlington Community Ed. $749 starting 1/1/22 CS Driving School has contracted with Arlington Community Education to offer Driver’s Education to students wishing to obtain their Certificate of Driver Education. The Complete Driver Education Program consists of 30 hours of Classroom Instruction (currently online), 12 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Instruction (in-person), 6 hours of In-Car Observation, and a 2 hour Parent/Guardian Class (currently online) which is mandated by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Classroom Instruction is for students who have reached the minimum age of 15 years, nine months (15.9) by the first day of class. Once a student is 16 years old and has a Massachusetts Learner’s Permit, the student can begin Behind-the-Wheel Instruction. CS Driving School must have a copy of the student’s Learner’s Permit on file prior to scheduling lessons. Behind-the-Wheel lessons are scheduled online through the Student Portal. CS Driving School offers lessons seven days a week with pick-up and drop-off from Arlington High or any other location in Arlington. Please note: The classroom portion of this program is being held on Zoom and students will need to have a computer with a webcam and microphone. Please contact CS Driving directly for information on their Covid safety protocols for behind-the-wheel instruction time as they may differ from APS/ACE. Online | $749 Two-Week Session | Monday–Friday | 5pm – 8pm Jan. 10–24 Mar. 7–18 May 9–20 June 6–17 Vacation Session | Monday–Friday | 10:00 am–4:30 pm Feb. 21–25 Apr. 18–22
  • Drumming for Beginners

    Learn how to rock out on the drums with this class focusing on foundational skills. Using practice pads, learn how to grip and balance drumsticks and proper technique for playing the snare drum with articulation and overall accuracy. Rhythm and sight reading are other vital skills to master, and we’ll have plenty of exercises to practice keeping the beat each week. Enjoy learning how to play a great musical instrument, and have fun doing it! Please note: Bring a drum practice pad and set of sticks to each class. A limited supply of practice pads and sticks are available to borrow during class for those who do not have them. Please note: Dates have changed from the printed catalog. New dates 2/9-4/6.
  • Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Quests

    Role playing games give players experience with a variety of skills including improvisation, critical thinking, math and public speaking. We will use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules to guide us through the process of creating characters and then testing their might through an interactive story. Everyone will be taught—at a comfortable skill level—how to make characters and serve as dungeon masters. Please note: We discourage students from creating characters before the first day of class. Instructors and students will collaborate to determine what kind of story they will create and in the past, students who arrived with a character in hand have been disappointed if their character doesn't fit the group decision.
  • Engineering Workshop

    As junior engineers, we will be put to the task of building things that go. Explore the engineering and design process to build balloon powered cars, hovercrafts, and magnet powered JunkBots. We'll add in some tall towers, catapults, and bridges and a house for a superhero.
  • Exploring Watercolor

    Let's dive deeper into the world of watercolor. Take this common medium to new heights as we explore color theory, composition, and contrast. Discover new watercolor techniques and experiment alongside friends and classmates.
  • Extracurriculars for College Admissions Success

    Amp up your resume when applying for college through diversifying and increasing your extracurriculars. Join a college counselor to learn how colleges look at your resume, particularly when it comes to special interests. Many colleges are moving away from a formula of the “right mix” of activities that purportedly lead to college acceptance. Instead, they are starting to prioritize a search for applicants that show a likelihood in getting involved in their campus community. Leave with a better understanding of what admissions committees are looking for and how you can design your resume to catch their attention.
  • Fiber Arts Studio

    Join us for a fiber arts exploration! In each session we will practice different crafts including weaving, embroidery, and working with yarn. Turn pom poms into animals or other creations, stitch or draw with thread, and create wall hangings. New and returning students are welcome.
  • FunDrumz

    FunDrumz is a full body and brain workout designed to give you a physical, mental, and social experience through basic drumming and movement. We will use exercise balls, buckets, and drum sticks to rock out and jam to our favorite tunes with movement routines that combine cardio, rhythm drumming, age appropriate learning activities, and lots of fun!
  • Home Alone Safety

    Please note: This class is for students with or without family members. Registration is per family/screen. Knowing when your child is ready to stay home alone is a difficult decision, and preparation can make the transition much easier for you and your child! Home Alone Safety is a readiness program that helps prepare your child while building self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and proper decision making abilities. This program is a stepping stone for younger grades as they explore and become comfortable with the idea of being home, and for older grades to better understand and gain confidence with being home alone. This course will teach basic safety guidelines through a variety of fun, interactive activities, discussions, and situational role-playing. Topics include: ● Confidence & Readiness Strategies ● Trust, Communication, & Good Decision Making ● Creating a Safe and Positive Environment ● Checking-In with Parents ● Walking Home & Arriving Home Safely ● Securing Your Home ● Someone is at the Door ● Handling Real-Life Situations and Emergencies ● Safe Snacks & Activities ● Taking Care of Siblings & Pets ● Creating an Emergency Contact List ● Creating Action Plans Guidebooks and parent handouts will be provided via PDF attachment prior to the course. Materials will be included for parents and guardians to create safe environments and family emergency action plans. "Frank was an excellent instructor. He responded well to children's questions and comments, was inclusive of different home situations and made sure that children were prepared but not anxious. It was awesome that he laid out various situations in such a clear way. I definitely recommend this class for other children in our community!" –Fall 2021 parent
  • Imaginative Illustration

    Learn the basic elements of drawing (line, texture, scale, shape, etc) with an emphasis on both observational and imaginative drawing. Create unique works of art based on still-life arrangements enhanced with your imaginative flourishes. We will experiment with values, color, and paint to vary the illustrations week by week to create meaningful art. Themes may include fantasy, sci-fi, nature, and architecture.