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  • 3D Printing with BlocksCAD

    Design intricate 3D objects using BlocksCAD, a software program that combines 3D modeling with block-based coding. You’ll learn computer coding, spatial and dimensional design, and use your problem-solving skills to drag and drop blocks of editable code to build 3D models that can then be exported to a 3D printer.
  • A Cultural Tour of Cuba

    The wholehearted positive energy that bursts from Cuban dance and arts is irresistible. Enjoy an armchair journey into the grand theaters, experimental arts salons, and underground galleries that are celebrating classical as well as new and alternative Cuban creatives. With ample video clips and stunning visuals to accompany our tour, we’ll explore Cuba’s famous lineage of dance styles and discuss key Cuban artists who have greatly influenced Cuban history with their visual and performing arts. And for those considering a trip to Cuba in the near future, there will be plenty of insider travel tips. Leave feeling inspired and warmed by this virtual tour to a tropical destination rich in culture.
  • Acing Your College Application

    This class will coach you on some of the key things to consider in the college application process. Focus on how to go about gathering the information you will need to decide where you might want to apply. We’ll talk about how goals for education, plans for jobs after college, and learning styles should help with choosing colleges. In the second session, we’ll focus more on applications and how to best showcase achievements, write winning essays, and make your application the best possible representation of you.
  • Acing Your College Interview

    Please note: This class date is incorrect in the printed catalog; it will be held Wednesday, Oct. 12. Interviewing with alumni or administration staff at a college can be a vital part of the application process. Not only does it demonstrate your interest, but it can also increase your acceptance chances. Learn what you need to know from someone with almost 25 years of experience interviewing prospective students. Leave with a better understanding of how to secure an interview, common interview formats, likely questions, and good subjects to share with your interviewer. Discuss appearance, mannerisms, and ways to ensure your responses are engaging and exciting. Get your questions answered and nerves calmed.
  • Acrylic Painting

    Acrylic paints are the most adaptable art material. They provide bright and bold colors and an endless range of textures and effects and are great for both beginners and seasoned artists. This class will be focused on studying lights and shades, exciting color theory exercises, and monochrome painting. Become familiar with the basic methods, techniques, and tools of painting. Our subjects will include natural scenes and objects from our everyday life. We’ll explore the works of great painters of the past, as well as contemporary ones. Please note: A materials list will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment.
  • Act Now

    Discover your hidden acting talent—or reawaken it—in a safe, fun, and creative way. Work with and learn from peers as we create believable, honest characters on stage. We will cover the basics of acting and theater. Practice improv and monologue work in addition to exploring the physical aspects of acting through exercises inspired by the renowned acting teacher and theorist Uta Hagen. All levels are welcome, especially beginners.
  • Actor’s Toolbox

    Experiment with games, improv, voice, and movement to learn basic acting skills and build confidence, all while having fun. Each class begins with warm-up games followed by acting exercises—ranging from silly to serious—that build focus, confidence, and communication skills.
  • Acupressure & Self Massage

    Learn how to ease tension, increase circulation, and relieve pain with simple massage techniques you can do on yourself. We’ll use our own hands, fingers, elbows and other household items like tennis balls to treat ourselves to effective massages. Discover how to activate energy meridians, stimulate the lymphatic system, and use acupressure points to reduce pain, decrease stress, and bring greater harmony to your body. Through demonstration, practice time, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions, you’ll start to notice the benefits of this practice in no time.
  • Kurtis Garbutt (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Adobe Photoshop: Digital Collage & Imaginary Landscapes

    From fantasy settings to surrealist collages, your imagination is the only limit on what you can create in Photoshop. Learn the techniques of creating elaborate digital collages, using images from the internet, photographs, or personal artwork. Through presentations on a wide range of digital artists, demonstrations, and plenty of in-class work time, become a confident creators in Adobe Photoshop. This is a beginner class, but is also appropriate for those looking to refresh or grow their Photoshop skills.
  • Adult, Infant & Child CPR with AED

    This intensive three-hour course covers adult/child CPR and AED, adult/child/infant choking, and infant CPR. Following the course, you will be comfortable assessing a victim, checking for breathing, performing rescue breaths and chest compressions, and activating the emergency response system. You will also learn how to help someone who is choking, respond in other emergency situations, and use an AED. A course completion card good for two years will be emailed to participants following the course. Please note: Educators and students can register at a reduced rate. Please register first and then email us within 24 hours and we will refund you for the amount.
  • Advanced Beginners Mah Jongg

    For players who have taken Learn American Mah Jongg or who know the basics of how to play and want to develop skills and confidence, as well as players who need a refresher. We will focus on choosing a hand, keeping your options open, finding backups, and refining aspects of the rules. Gain speed and mastery as you improve your knowledge of the game. Each student will need their own NMJL card. Catalog description is wrong - please select Tuition + Card when enrolling if you need a card.
  • Adventure to Storia

    Play the popular game, No Thank You Evil, in which you will work as a team to take an improvised adventure to a place called Storia. We’ll overcome obstacles, solve mysteries, and explore exotic territories. Led by your guide, you will create a character for yourself, discover your special skills, and problem solve with your friends in a world of creative make-believe. As we act out our story, the adventure will continue to build in detail and depth.
  • African Cooking Experience: Kati Kati & Fufu

    Learn how to cook adventurous and creative African dishes while learning about the continent. First, we’ll prepare chicken with just the right blend of spices to make the distinctive Cameroonian favorite kati kati (African grilled chicken). While it is marinating, we will make a flavorful stew base with sauteed greens, and corn fufu, a doughy African staple made by cooking fine corn flour paste into a thick pudding. You will be entertained by live African music and storytelling while you cook and eat. Your taste buds, soul, and mind will thank you.
  • African-American Heritage Tour

    The Black Heritage Trail showcases residences and community buildings associated with a Black community that thrived on, and near, the north slope of Beacon Hill before, during, and after the American Civil War. Throughout that time, this community struggled and organized for equal rights and access to equal education. Community members championed the movement to abolish slavery and even housed freedom seekers on their journey along the Underground Railroad.
  • Alexander Technique: Improve Posture & Relieve Pain

    Are you interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and reducing stiffness, pain, and tension? The Alexander Technique provides the means to restore innate good posture, balance, and poise by teaching how to recognize and unlearn habitual patterns of tension that interfere. Since 1900 this practical, educational method has been used worldwide by individuals of all ages to reduce tension and stress, improve the performance of all of life’s activities, and offer lasting relief from chronic pain. Get an introduction to this technique and experience how it can be applied to your everyday activities to help you feel, move, and look better. NOTE: Registration includes one private lesson outside of class, scheduled individually.
  • American Sign Language (ASL)

    Please note: We currently do not have an instructor for this class. Please add yourself to the waiting list and we will notify you when we have an instructor and class details. Signing is a useful skill that can open up a new world of relationships and understanding. Learn the ASL manual alphabet, numbers, greetings, feelings, expressions, family, time, clothes, body parts, and other basic conversational tools. For those who have no experience with ASL or who need a refresher on the basics.
  • American Sign Language (Family)

    Fees are per screen (4 family members, max). Learn to talk to each other as a family—in sign language. This is a valuable language to know and learning it as a team will allow you to hone your practice in a friendly setting. We will cover some of the basics of American Sign Language as we go over everyday vocabulary and grammar. Learn the manual alphabet, introductions, days of the week, and mealtime words. Homework assignments will encourage you to practice together at home. Ages 7+
  • American Whiskey: Bourbon & Rye

    American bourbon and rye whiskies are bold, distinctive, and delicious. Join us for a fun, relaxed introduction to some of the best whiskies produced in the United States. We will sample high-end varieties that demonstrate a broad range of flavors from mellow to spicy and from smooth to robust. If you like Scotch but haven’t tried American bourbons and ryes, prepare to be amazed! Also, if you have taken this class before, we will be sampling an entirely new lineup of America’s best whiskies.Tuition includes all beverages. For students 21+. Note for online class: A selection of whiskey samples will be available for safe pickup in Arlington. Pickup directions will be sent out to registered students starting one week prior to the class date. Then we will taste and discuss them together in a Zoom session online.
  • An Activist's Guide to Town Government

    Explore the ins and outs of Arlington’s town government and learn how you can get involved and make a difference. We’ll discuss what happens in daily operations and how Arlington’s legislative branch, Town Meeting, works. Learn where the levers of power are, and how to apply pressure to them to make a change. Understand the months of decision-making that create our town budget, as well as how and when the public can influence the process. Whether you are interested in becoming a Town Meeting Member, getting involved in one of Arlington’s many committees, or simply want to clarify how your local government works, this class will demystify the inner workings of your town and demonstrate how town government is truly open to all who want to participate in it.
  • An Autumn Walk

    Mid-autumn is a beautiful time of year as nature begins to prepare for winter. On these walks we’ll focus on plant identification as we search for what is still flowering as well as plants that are in fruit. We’ll also look for winter weeds, those hardy herbaceous (non-woody) plants whose skeletons decorate the autumn and winter landscape. Join a more leisurely walk at Arlington’s Great Meadows (10/23) or a two-and-a-half-mile hike from Wright-Locke Farm to the summit of Whipple Hill (11/16), the highest point in Lexington. Children ages 10+ are welcome to register if accompanied by a registered adult. Please note: Meeting location will be emailed as part of the Registration Confirmation email. All walks meet rain or shine.
  • An Indian Feast

    Enjoy an evening of cooking and culture as we prepare a simple meal together. Come prepared for hands-on participation and get transported to another world. Dishes will include: deep-fried pakoras (vegetable fritters), served with date chutney (sweet and sour dipping sauce made with dates and tamarind); aloo gobi (a simple curry of cauliflower and potatoes cooked with ginger, chilies, tomato and spices); masoor dal (lemony red lentil stew with ginger, garlic, and chilies); jira rice (rice laced with ghee and cumin seeds, and a touch of brown sugar). These dishes will be served with a quick garlic naan (popular store-bought bread embellished with garlic and butter).
  • An Introduction to Metalsmithing

    Make beautiful jewelry with this introduction to metalsmithing techniques. First learn the basics: how to solder, file, hammer, and make bangle bracelets. Then use your new abilities to create rings, earrings, and pendants. Among the skills we’ll learn are using stamps, setting stones, and wrapping wire. While this class is geared toward beginners, students with some previous experience will learn new techniques and perfect their skills. Please note: Upgrade to sterling serving for extra $15. First class covers basics, the sterling option is for classes 2 and 3 only. Please bring reading glasses if you wear them!
  • An Introduction to Watercolor

    Do you love the luminosity of watercolor paintings? Build the foundational techniques necessary for capturing any subject matter. Learn how to choose quality materials, manage flow, control and use blooms, paint washes and glazes, understand transparencies and saturation, identify the science of light and pigment to control your medium, and more. Develop confidence and fluency in the medium while relaxing and enjoying the painting process. Please note: A materials list will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment.
  • An Introductory Haiku Workshop

    Celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary with the most popular poetry form in the world. Haiku connect us more deeply to the natural world and can provide solace in difficult times. We will learn about the history and key elements of haiku, including concision, a seasonal setting, and the juxtaposition of concrete experiences. Using writing prompts, we will also try our hand at writing some haiku poems. Everyone is welcome to this fun and supportive workshop, beginners and those who have written haiku before.