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  • Restorative Yoga

    Release stress and loosen tense muscles with a deeply relaxing yoga session. Restorative yoga focuses on resting in supported poses that help us listen to the subtle cues from our bodies. There are many benefits to restorative yoga, including a decrease in stress hormones, a strengthened immune system, and improved quality of sleep. This practice will help unwind tension in your body so you can approach life’s challenges from a place of clarity and calmness. All levels are welcome.
  • Yoga for Every Body

    This course is perfect for those just beginning or coming back to yoga, but experienced yogis will also enjoy the attention given to proper alignment and will benefit from the poses. People of every age, fitness level, physical challenge, or shape will find their mind, body, and spirit invigorated in this welcoming class. In addition to standing poses and mat exercises, each class includes modified yoga poses using a chair. The instructor individualizes postures to suit all students.