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  • Harness Your Superpowers: A Day for Justice

    All of us have qualities that make us truly special—they can even be called superpowers. In this free workshop, learn about young activists who are using their real-life superpowers to create a more just world and compare them to your own skill set. Whether you are incredibly creative, able to communicate clearly, notice all the tiny details, or have a strong connection to what others feel, you can learn more about your powers to change the world. If you love this idea, spend more time exploring your natural talents in Justice Squad. Please note: This program will take place at Arlington High School, 5:30-7:00 pm
  • The Art of Protest

    Use your art skills to make a difference. Learn how artists have raised awareness of injustice, united protest movements, and stood up to oppression. Try your hand at multiple forms of art, such as posters, political cartoons, and activism through crafts such as sewing, embroidery, or quilting. By the end of term, you will create and display your own powerful work of protest art about an issue that matters to you.
  • Justice Squad

    Do you want to make the world more fair and just? Learn how you can make a difference in your community and beyond. We’ll use children’s literature, play, and the arts to explore important topics related to race, racism, and activism. We’ll then plan and undertake our own action project to address racism, such as making protest art, writing letters and petitions, or raising awareness in the community. "My child came home thinking about a lot of things and working to understand difficult concepts. I view it as a foundation to an ongoing conversation and am glad of the way that Meredith approached questions of race, starting from the very beginning with what is race?" –Fall 2021 parent