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  • Wonderful Wontons

    Join a native Chinese cook to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese wontons. We’ll pinch, squeeze, and pleat our way to a succulent and satisfying meal. Using pork, shrimp, Napa cabbage, and Chinese chives, we’ll make various traditional fillings from scratch. Then we will prepare shrimp wontons to star in an authentic wonton soup. Please note: Fee is for one adult and one child. Please register under the adult's name. A list of ingredients and substitutions will be emailed once the class has reached minimum enrollment.
  • Dim Sum for Beginners

    Dim sum is a wonderful way to experience how diverse and flavorful Chinese cuisine can be. Dim sum includes snacks and small dishes of different flavors and textures, served with tea and conversation. We’ll talk about the history, etiquette, and classic dishes of dim sum, then make popular dishes from the instructor’s hometown including steamed spareribs with rice flour, pearl meatballs, a vegetable side dish, and tomato egg drop soup.