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Minecraft: Modding with mCreator

ACE Kids K-12 / STEM -
Spring 2021

Take a deep dive into Minecraft modding! Using mCreator software, we will alter (“mod”) existing characters and designs, and build new, highly customized armor, tools, and building blocks. We’ll then create more complicated modded objects such as volcanoes, waterfalls, new dimensions, or even a game version of yourselves. Examine how your new designs — saved in your own Minecraft world — influenced gameplay. This class is perfect if you love Minecraft but want even more control over what you can build.


Prerequisite: Minecraft Commands level 4, fluency with general Windows file management 
Software Required: Zoom, mCreator
Tech Requirements: Windows or Mac computer

Empow Studios

In the modern exploration of the world of STEM, passion, engagement, and play drives learning. That’s the starting point for us at Empow.

Today, hands-on, creative, interactive play takes place in digital, virtual, and robotic environments, and can carve out potential future pathways for learning. Empow Studios supports not only active participation and developing literacy in that playground, but also social collaboration, self-actualization, and creativity. Empowering kids means giving them the tools not only to navigate their future landscapes, but be active and intentional creators of it.

mCreator-Grades 5-8 Closed

  Empow Studios

Mondays, Apr 5 - Jun 7
3:30 - 5:00 PM

  No Class Apr 19 & May 31


Grades   5th - 8th

Price: $ 325 00

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