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Active Bystander Training

Adult Enrichment / Wellness -
Spring 2021

We all witness situations where we want, but may hesitate, to intervene. Will our response make things better or worse? Could we get hurt? Learn how to become a more effective active bystander, someone who not only witnesses a situation, but also speaks up or takes steps to defuse a situation or keep it from escalating. In this interactive, two-evening workshop, learn to evaluate a situation to determine a safe and effective response and explore a variety of tactics for handling public attacks and microaggressions. Practice practical strategies for handling specific situations and discover what tactics may work best for you. Leave this class feeling more empowered and better informed.

Christopher Ellinger

Christopher Ellinger, director of True Story Theater, is a trainer, presenter and award-winning author. For over 10 years, he has co-led active bystander intervention trainings at universities, civic agencies, non-profit organizations, human rights commissions, and for the public. 

WE-Bystander Closed

  Christopher Ellinger

Thu May 6 & Thu May 13
7:00 - 9:00 PM


Price: $ 59 00

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