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The Alexander Technique: Improve Posture & Relieve Pain

Adult Enrichment / Wellness -
Winter 2021

Interested in improving your posture, moving with ease, and reducing stiffness, pain and tension? The Alexander Technique (AT) provides the means to restore innate good posture, balance and poise by teaching how to recognize and unlearn habitual patterns of tension. Since 1900 this practical, educational method has been used worldwide by individuals of all ages to reduce tension and stress, improve the performance of all of life’s activities, and offer lasting relief from chronic pain. Its effectiveness in enabling long-term relief of back pain is supported by research. Get an introduction to the principles of the AT and experience how they can be applied to your everyday activities to help you feel, move, and look better.

Jill Geiger

Jill Geiger has been teaching the Alexander Technique to individuals of all ages for over 30 years and is certified by AmSAT (US) and STAT (UK). For more information visit

WE-Alexander Technique Closed

  Jill Geiger

Wed Feb 24 & Wed Mar 3
7:30 - 8:30 PM


Price: $ 39 00

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