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Adult Enrichment / Languages -
Winter 2021

Practice Russian in a lively online group atmosphere. We will work on vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills, all while exploring traditional and modern Russian culture.

Level 1 In Level 1, become familiar with basic grammar such as grammatical gender, possessive forms, singular/plural noun endings, and introductory verb conjugation. Practice useful tasks such as introducing yourself, saying where you live and work and talking about what you like and need.

Level 2 Level 2 will include additional basic grammar such as singular/plural noun endings, introductory verb conjugation, and adjective forms. We’ll practice useful tasks such as saying where you live and work, discussing travel experiences and preferences, and describing objects. Vocabulary topics will include household and clothing.

Aleka Molokova

Aleka Molokova has been doing language instruction for more than 12 years, working with students of different ages, backgrounds, and levels. Back in Russia, where she is from, she developed several educational projects, focusing on implementing educational processes in the life of community.

LA-Russian Level 2 Closed

  Aleka Molokova

Thursdays, Jan 14 - Mar 11
7:30 - 8:45 PM

  No Class Feb 18


Price: $ 125 00

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