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Phillis Wheatley: Freedom & Slavery in Revolutionary Boston

Adult Enrichment / Walking Tours -
Winter 2023

Although lauded as a muse of freedom and a voice of uplift, we don’t even know what poet Phillis Wheatley’s given name was. The Phillis was the ship on which she made the middle passage from West Africa to the Americas in chains, and Wheatley was the name of the Boston family who purchased her. In the two dozen years from when she first arrived in Colonial Boston until her death in 1784 Wheatley lived a remarkable life, cycling through states of freedom and unfreedom. She published dozens of poems, toured London, was emancipated, was almost forced into an unwanted marriage, and eventually died in poverty. This tour will use Wheatley’s incredible life as a window into the world of slavery and unfreedom in Revolutionary Era Boston. Ages 10+

Boston By Foot - Alex Clermont

Boston By Foot promotes public awareness and appreciation of Boston’s rich history and architectural heritage by offering guided tours and programs conducted by highly-trained and enthusiastic volunteer tour guides.

WT-Wheatley Full

  Boston By Foot - Alex Clermont

Saturday, Feb 4
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Price: $ 29 00