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Essentrics: Full-Body Workout

Adult Enrichment / Fitness & Dance -
Summer 2022

Essentrics lengthens and strengthens every muscle in the body through a dynamic combination of movements. This completely original full-body workout draws on the flowing movements of tai chi and ballet to create a balanced, flexible, and pain-free body. Essentrics rebalances the body, prevents and treats injuries, unlocks tight joints, and develops lean, strong, and flexible muscles with immediate changes to your posture. Please note: This class focuses on the full body and moves at a fast tempo, ideal for physically active men and women. Please have a yoga mat, towel, and water on hand for each class.

Farhana Stevenson

Farhana Stevenson was introduced to Essentrics in 2017 and fell in love with the fluid, dynamic nature of the exercises. She likes that it combines ballet, tai chi and physiotherapy to create a toned, lean body. She received her certification in 2019.

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  Farhana Stevenson

Thursdays, Jul 7 - Aug 11
7:00 - 8:00 PM


Price: $ 99 00

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