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Italian Caffé: Conversation & Culture

Adult Enrichment / Languages -
Summer 2022

INTERMEDIATE: This program is designed for students who have completed all beginner and intermediate type classes and who want to increase their conversational and comprehension skills. Conducted largely in Italian, this course provides students with an opportunity to markedly improve their speaking and listening skills using only presente and passato prossimo. Topics covered: passato prossimo versus imperfect, presente, pronouns. 

ADVANCED: This program, conducted entirely in Italian, is designed for students who are already proficient in intermediate level classes and who want to increase their conversational and reading abilities. You will have the opportunity to markedly improve your speaking and listening skills. Short stories designed to provide practical opportunities for vocabulary and skill development are selected to match student interests. Grammatical topics are addressed as needed. 

Barry Bridgelal

Barry Bridgelal has studied more than ten languages and holds degrees in international relations and French literature. Barry has taught French, Italian and Latin in many language schools.

LA-Italian Caffe Advanced Closed

  Barry Bridgelal

Thursdays, Jul 14 - Aug 18
5:00 - 6:00 PM


Price: $ 105 00

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