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Business Sharks

SummerFun! / Lifeskills, Etc. -
SummerFun! 2022

Play the role of young entrepreneurs as we start with the germ of an idea for a product or service and take it through the entire entrepreneurial process. Develop prototypes, formulate a business plan, and devise a marketing strategy. Learn concepts such as competition, profits, and branding while designing print ads, acting out commercials, researching real estate locations, and designing storefronts. As young executives, you will conclude the program by pitching your ideas “Shark-Tank” style. Let’s get down to business!

Right Brain Curriculum - Mary Moore

Right Brain Curriculum is a Boston-based education company offering engaging, project-based learning programs for kids in grades 2-8 throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Their mission is to create outstanding, student-centered enrichment programs that allow kids to experience real life in a fun, engaging atmosphere. See full curriculum previews of all their classes at

Business Sharks-W6 AM Gr 4-7 Closed

  Right Brain Curriculum - Mary Moore

Ottoson Middle School
Mon Aug 8 - Fri Aug 12
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Grades   4th - 7th

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