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Amazing Gazing: Stars & Planets

SummerFun! / STEM -
SummerFun! 2022

Discover what all of the bright lights you see in the night sky are. Learn about the history of the sun and all of the stars and galaxies in our entire universe. We’ll talk about the constellations and the differences between stars and planets. Study awesome pictures of stars being born, make drawings of the stars you can see from home, and build models of your favorite planet.

David Peal

Originally from Wisconsin, David is an ex-Air Force sergeant, who worked in satellite communications. He also has a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. David loves the stars and will often get up at 3 am to look at celestial events.

Amazing Gazing -W6 PM Gr 2-5 Closed

  David Peal

Ottoson Middle School
Mon Aug 8 - Fri Aug 12
12:30 - 3:30 PM


Grades   2nd - 5th

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