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One-on-One with Website Design Tutoring

Adult Enrichment / Career, Technology & Finance -
Winter 2022

Get personalized help with planning, executing and enhancing your website. This one-on-one website mentoring will help give you direction on how to create an impactful website that includes engaging content that speaks to your distinct customers and help build your brand. We work together to prioritize which efforts to work on first. Our marketing expert will meet you virtually for one two hour session. Times are flexible; please call or email the ACE office to learn more and register.

Andrea Spector

Andrea Spector is a marketing expert that has worked for over 20 years with companies of various sizes and industries developing strategies and tactics for business growth. She is the owner of Cloud14 Marketing where she focuses on branding, marketing content, and website design. Andrea is also an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Northeastern University.

CTF-Online Website Tutoring

  Andrea Spector

$ 125.00
Two hours